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Track orders

Review and follow all the sales orders (open and closed) and basic data attached to it, such as:

  • order details
  • confirmation status (per order line)
  • promised date for delivery
  • You can also check some specific details of delivery process status (allocation, picked & packed, sent etc).

Basic reporting

If you want to find specific orders, there is a module that can print desired outcome for you. Feel free to make some limitations to the query based on: Order number, PO number, Customer PO number, Order Date. Please keep in mind empty fields equals wildcard and all parameters must be considered as combined (AND).

Contact Us

In case of further technical questions or issues, please reach out to our support via email: with details of your query and screenshots from the system (which is real time data and subject for change). If you still have orders related questions, please contact our Customer Service team via email:                                                                                                             We will address you queries promptly.