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HANSA specializes in the production of high-quality and innovative sanitary fittings for both private and public use. In Oras Group we have over a hundred years’ heritage of providing safe, convenient and sustainable access to water, for everyone.

Our brand

Our brand

We have made it our mission to create the smartest water experiences for everyone. With products that are not just beautiful to look at, but which are safer for you, your loved ones, and the environment. Using smart technology and smart product design.

HANSA makes water experiences smart, convenient, safe and sustainable for the benefit of people, businesses, society and the environment.



HANSA was founded in 1911 by Karl Göhring as the Preß- und Stanzwerke GmbH. With over 100 years of experience, HANSA has become a trailblazing company in innovative product design and technology.

Career at HANSA

Career at HANSA

We are looking forward to continuing our inspirational work with the employees who are already in the team – and those who will join us in the future.

Water Smart Living

Saying yes to Water Smart Living is saying yes to faucets and showers that will reduce our water and energy consumption. It’s saying yes to SMART technology that will make our homes, schools, hospitals and public spaces safer, for the benefit of our health. It’s saying yes to the choices that will enable us to create positive change for people – and the environment.

That’s why we’re saying yes to Water Smart Living.

Water Smart Living,


HANSA stands for durable, high quality productsSince its founding, HANSA has been a pioneer and innovator in the fields of advanced faucets and shower solutions. 


Oras Group

Oras Group is a significant European provider of sanitary fittings: the market leader in the Nordics and a leading company in Continental Europe. The company’s mission is to create the smartest water experiences for everyone and its vision is to be the perfect flow company. The Group has two strong brands, Oras and Hansa. Oras Group is owned by Oras Invest, a family company and an industrial owner.

Oras Group,