HANSA specializes in the production of high-quality and innovative sanitary fittings for both private and public use. In Oras Group we have over a hundred years’ heritage of providing safe, convenient and sustainable access to water, for everyone.

Our brand

Our brand

We make water experiences smart, convenient, safe and sustainable for the benefit of people, businesses, society and the environment.



HANSA was founded in 1911 by Karl Göhring as the Preß- und Stanzwerke GmbH. With over 100 years of experience, HANSA has become a trailblazing company in innovative product design and technology.

Career at HANSA

Career at HANSA

We are looking forward to continuing our inspirational work with the employees who are already in the team – and those who will join us in the future.

Fit for life

HANSA makes living better by offering smart solutions that make the use of water easy and sustainable. Our products are timeless, both in form and functionality, and made to fit whatever life throws your way.

Fit for the 2,500 times we use our bathrooms each year. Fit for the morning breakfast routine and the mess of evening bath time. Fit for the minimalists, the rationalists and those who want a little something extra. Fit for those who care about the future of our planet. Fit for those who know safety comes first.

Responsibly made from the finest, most durable materials, our products are truly fit for life.

Fit for life,


HANSA stands for durable, high quality productsSince its founding, HANSA has been a pioneer and innovator in the fields of advanced faucets and shower solutions. 


Core of business: SMART & touchless technology

HANSA SMART is a new generation of sanitary fittings embedded with Bluetooth® technology. Our products are

  • Smart, convenient, safe and sustainable in use
  • Help to reduce water and energy consumption
  • Always easy and safe to install, maintain and use
  • Provide hygienic access to water in all spaces – both home and public
  • Wide portfolio - best possible solutions for our customers: public, private and professionals

HANSA, as part of the Oras Group, is the leading manufacturer of touchless faucets and has been producing electronic faucets for more than 30 years.

Core of business: SMART & touchless technology,