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Product Philosophy

At HANSA, we offer our customers professional and advanced sanitary fittings which make the use of water easy and sustainable. Our products are designed to function in an environmentally friendly and reliable manner for the entire duration of their long life cycles. 

With high quality, modern and easy-to-use products we help our customer to Live More and enjoy the use of water to the fullest. We constantly follow the recent trends in kitchens and bathrooms to ensure a modern, appealing, competitive and recognizable product offering for all our customers and all applications – whether it is about non-residential large building project or home renovation.

The three cornerstones of HANSA products are:

1. High performance through advanced functionalities and features, high quality of products, sustainability, and easy installation and selection of products

2. Functional and timeless, yet appealing and modern design

3. Strong commitment to partners and customers by providing a complete offering and support across all product categories with various applications areas, design and price levels.

The core focus is on enabling individuality, enriched well-being and comfort, as well as providing ideal solutions for professionals.