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When great design becomes an attraction of its own, you know it will make a difference in your life. Besides bringing beauty to life, this HANSAVANTIS Style is also designed to bring any modern bathroom or kitchen to the next level. Slender design and graceful shapes make this faucet the highlight of any space. 

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A surface simply touching senses

HANSAVANTIS Style is available in four refined colours to express your personal style and preference.

Brushed Bronze. Essence of an endless summer
Brushed Steel. Vitality for every day
Matt Black. Discover infinity
Perfect Chrome. Timeless classic

A surface simply touching senses,

HANSAVANTIS STYLE  is also to bring any modern bathroom or kitchen to the next level. Slender design, graceful shapes and outstanding features uplifts any shower, bathroom and kitchen. These products give you a new, more convenient way to use and experience water, sustainably.


HANSAVANTIS STYLE faucets for the kitchen offer everything you need to lift your contemporary kitchen to perfection: slim design, unique hybrid versions, modern J-design spout, remote dishwasher valve and two colour options.


A new level of elegance

With the modern style of the HANSAVANTIS Style, you can explore a whole new world of bathroom design. Elevate the look, feel and comfort of any bathroom through a combination of modern slim proportions and classic design. 

Bring a new level of elegance and functionality to your bathroom – from graceful, freestanding bathtub faucets to perfectly fitting faucets for any basin size and shape.

  • Freestanding bathtub faucet available 
  • Slim proportions for an elegant silhouette
  • Fits the latest basin design with its ultra precise shapes and surfaces 
  • Swivel spout for more leeway
  • Extra-high variant for bowl-shaped basins
A new level of elegance,

Winner of "Schöner Wohnen Best of Design" award

HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid faucet has won the Schöner Wohnen Best of Design Awards in 2022. The hybrid variant in purist design offers maximum flexibility at the washbasin and is the ideal entry for households that want to convert to touchless faucets: Users can choose to activate the water flow via the side sensor or manually via side lever. The slim design and soft flowing shape make the HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid a modern highlight in any bathroom.

Winner of

HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid faucet

Touchless or lever? Choose both, chooce HYBRID

Hybrid is the new must-have for every new bathroom and kitchen because it combines the best of both worlds: automatic (touchless) and manual operation.

Touchless function

Choose the handy touchless function when you want to wash your hands without touching any surfaces.

Manual function

Enjoy the benefits of manual faucet and adjust the water flow and temperature flexibly.

HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid in a nutshell

  • Both manual and touchless function available 
  • More convenient to use than a traditional faucet 
  • Ecological: helps to save water and energy 
  • Hygienic
  • Thermostat controlled premixed water from touchless interface
  • Works together with HANSA 360 app
    • Individualisable faucet behavior
    • Cleaning mode activation
    • Personalised report via email 
HANSAVANTIS Style Hybrid in a nutshell,


Stylish sustainability

It’s never been easier to save water without cutting down on comfort or aesthetics. By lowering the amount of water released per minute, the HANSAVANTIS Style ECO variants enable you to conveniently save small amounts of water every day.

HANSAVANTIS Style ECO faucets,

Explore HANSAVANTIS Style in our virtual showroom

Visit our virtual showroom and see yourself, how HANSAVANTIS Style faucets can elevate a bathroom design to a new level. With a 360º view, you can see the whole bathroom equipped with HANSAVANTIS Style faucets.

Explore HANSAVANTIS Style in our virtual showroom,

HANSAVANTIS Style for professionals

Easy and simple 3S-Installation

The HANSA 3S-Installation setup equips professionals with an innovative fast, secure and  integrated installation system. 

  • Easy, quick and safe installation
  • Fits the universal HANSABLUEBOX concealed installation system
NEW 3.0 cartridge

NEW 3.0 cartridge

The new HANSAVANTIS and HANSAVANTIS Style series comes with a new, top-class 3.0 cartridge. 

  • Developed and manufactured in-house , the 3.0 cartridges are based on long-term knowledge
  • One series of spare parts for all models
  • Proven cartridge solutions that guarantee optimal performance and durability across all design lines 

NEW HYBRID: easier to install than ever before

The HANSAVANTIS StyleHybrid comes with a new hybrid installation unit. It is easier to install than ever before, due to new simplified structure and technology. The unit is small in size and can easily fit under any washbasin.

  • Bluetooth connection with HANSA Connect App
  • Available as both battery and mains operated
  • No extra holes to the wall are needed when installing
  • The thermostat provides pre-mixed water when touchless function is being used
    • Water temperature can be controlled under the sink, within the thermosta