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Proven high-performance products for healthcare professionals

At HANSA, we aim to provide the best Health and Care portfolio in the market, based on our core competence as a European leader of advanced sanitary fittings and our extensive experience in the field of Health and Care solutions. Our HANSAMEDIPRO solutions are made to meet strict hygiene guidelines and ergonomics, making them perfect for medical facilities used by professionals, where hygiene, safety and reliability are key.

Proven high-performance products for healthcare professionals,

Long-lasting, hygienic and safe to operate

Reliable product characteristics of HANSAMEDIPRO ensure long-lasting operation and comfortable usage that compensates possible functional limitations of the users. The well-being of HANSAMEDIRPO users is also taken into account in terms of design: thanks to the rounded edge radius and closed lever shape, these modernly designed products are hygienic, easy to use and keep clean.

• Soft, rounded curves – to eliminate injuries
• Easy-to-clean surfaces
• Lead-free brass (<3%)

Long-lasting, hygienic and safe to operate,

Monitor and adjust HANSAMEDIPRO touchless variants with HANSA Connect app

HANSAMEDIPRO touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to configure the faucet settings quick and easy at the point of installation. You can also use the HANSA Connect App to easily and conveniently monitor functionality and usage and pre-set automatic flushing controls for better hygiene and comfort. The settings are easy to tailor based on different requirements, and saved settings can be then transferred to other touchless faucets within the same room.

Monitor and adjust HANSAMEDIPRO touchless variants with HANSA Connect app,

Play safe – HANSAMEDIPRO thermostat

A safety stop (factory pre-set to 38 degrees Celsius) ensures optimal protection with HANSAMEDIPRO. You cannot exceed the maximum temperature yourself, but if necessary a plumber can carry out an individual setting in just a few steps. The special ducting of the hot water inside the thermostat means that the metal casing does not heat up, reducing the risk of scalding.

To ensure that operation remains as easy and safe as possible for both young and old, HANSAMEDIPRO has two bars on the volume and temperature selection handle. These can be grasped readily, preventing the handle from slipping out of an older person's grasp. To ensure the required levels of drinking water hygiene in care facilities and old people's homes, for instance, the HANSAMEDIPRO thermostat is designed to withstand basic thermal disinfection according to DVGW W 551. It is not necessary to dismantle the handles for this. A special unlocking key is sufficient

Play safe – HANSAMEDIPRO thermostat,

HANSAMEDIPRO FLEX hand shower – barrier free well-being

The HANSAMEDIPRO FLEX hand shower displays an innovative feature: Its handle, rotatable through 360°, provides great flexibility in use. For self-showering, the shower head sits comfortably and safely in the palm of the hand. Alternatively, when showering a child or someone in need of assistance, the shower can also be held by its handle. The plane of rotation means the hose of the hand shower is always pointing downwards, so there is no need to keep changing grip. The soft-touch finish of the handle sits comfortably and safely in the hand. HANSAMEDIPRO FLEX features an innovative anti-limescale technology as well as a detachable, dishwasher-proof shower head base which is quick and easy to clean.

HANSAMEDIPRO FLEX hand shower – barrier free well-being,