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Classically good style

With its clear, unmistakable styling and intelligent functionality, the HANSALIGNA series achieves a perfect union of sophisticated design and contemporary technology. The rounded edge conveys lightness and harmony, animated by the contrast between gently flowing inner forms and clear-cut geometries on the outside.

Classically good style,

A pleasure for all the senses

Thanks to its technical perfection, HANSALIGNA kitchen faucet practically can't be beaten for functionality: ample space for pots and pans due to the tall, 150° swivel spout, convenient operation and eco-friendly water consumption of just 9 l/min. Furthermore, the sink fitting is equipped with the HANSAPROTEC system to ensure your health and safety. This ensures that the high quality of the drinking water is maintained as it flows through the faucet. And HANSALIGNA captivates not just your thoughts, but your senses too: with elegant shapes, clear lines, first-class materials. A perfect form combined with perfect functionality – resulting in exceptional enjoyment.

A pleasure for all the senses,

Washing hands can be fun

The touchless variant for the HANSALIGNA series is a winner not only on account of its sophisticated looks, but also because of its intuitive and hygienic usage. The water starts to flow automatically when you hold your hand in front of the sensor of the faucet. You can pre-set the temperature at the side. When you take your hands away, the flow of water stops.

Washing hands can be fun,

Use the HANSA Connect app to control and customize HANSALIGNA touchless faucets

HANSALIGNA’s touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® connection, allowing you to configure easily with your mobile device.  You can use the HANSA Connect app to easily and conveniently monitor water consumption, battery life and overall usage of the faucet. And, by giving every user the option to choose their own settings – with the app interface also automatically displaying whichever product is connected to the system – we’ll help you create the ultimate experience

Use the HANSA Connect app to control and customize HANSALIGNA touchless faucets,

The essentials at a glance

  • Powerful design: With contrasting, gently flowing inner shapes and an austerely geometric outer form.
  • The HANSAPROTEC system encompasses and secures those parts of the fitting that come into contact with potable water.
  • Kitchen faucets: Maximum comfort thanks to the tall spout that can be swiveled through 150°.
  • Washbasin faucets: Maximum convenience: plenty of room for the hands and touchless operation if desired (electronically controlled).
  • Especially large range of variants for washbasins.
  • More hygienic and clean thanks to touchless variants.
  • Possibility to configure touchless faucet settings with HANSA Connect App
  • Washbasin faucets: Conserve water with only 6 l / min.
The essentials at a glance,