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The HANSAFIT was developed together with the GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft® für Gerontotechnik (German Gerontological Technology Society). HANSAFIT faucet family provides a complete collection of faucets for every possible purpose; touchless washbasin faucet, single lever washbasin faucet with smart solutions, thermostatic bath and shower faucets, rain showers and kitchen faucets. HANSAFIT single-lever washbasin and kitchen faucets are also available with an eco-button that makes saving water and energy easy with increased safety. 

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Easy and safe to use – HANSAFIT shower thermostats

Thanks to its ergonomic design and intelligent safety functions, HANSAFIT thermostats make clever solutions for vivacious living. And that is what makes them ideal for equipping modern cross-generation bathrooms.

Easy-grip operating handles make grasping and using the handles more convenient, while the THERMO COOL function and safety stop at 38 degrees Celsius exclude the possibility of scalding while you enjoy a shower or bath.

Easy and safe to use – HANSAFIT shower thermostats,

Fit for kitchen: a convenient hybrid

With the semi-professional HANSAFIT Hybrid you can enjoy the amenities of a restaurant kitchen at home. It has a touchless function as well as EasyGrip handles for hot and cold water. With the touchless function, the temperature can be pre-set via an anthracite-coloured rotating ring. The display shows the set temperature in degrees and also warns when the water is hot. As soon as your hands get close to the sensor, the water automatically starts flowing with the desired temperature and for a period that can be set individually. A feature taken from the professional kitchen is the-high and flexible spring hose made of seamless rubber. It adds functionality, extra convenience and additional freedom of movement at the sink. The elegantly curved spout with the hygienically smooth Soft-Touch surface can be moved to wherever you need to have the water. The flexible hose allows the user to choose between two different spray types – 'standard' or 'hard'. All of this makes dealing with large pots and pans a child's play.

Fit for kitchen: a convenient hybrid,

Touchless freedom in the cross-generation bathroom

The intelligent HANSAFIT touchless washbasin fitting promises even more convenience and freedom for your bathroom – across generations. Ergonomic, easy and safe to use, HANSAFIT enriches modern bathroom spaces where design and functionality join forces. It feels at home with any and all individual styles of decoration thanks to its contemporary looks.

Touchless freedom in the cross-generation bathroom,

Use the HANSA Connect app to control and customize your faucets

HANSAFIT touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® connection, allowing you to adjust the faucet settings at the point of installation. You can use the HANSA Connect app to easily monitor functionality and usage, including water consumption and battery life. The app interface automatically displays the nearby touchless faucets on the screen, making it simple and convenient for you to tailor the faucet setting for your needs.

Use the HANSA Connect app to control and customize your faucets,

The essentials at a glance

  • Colour-contrasting, easy-grip operating lever with non-slip, isolating Soft-Touch surface.
  • Cross-generation: easy to use.
  • Maximum convenience of use.

Kitchen faucets:

  • Freedom of movement with a spout that can be swiveled through 120 degrees.
  • Surface finishes in contact with drinking water without nickel coating.
  • Enjoy without a care: The HANSAPROTEC system maintains drinking water quality.
  • Multi-functionality: the choice between touchless or manual operation with HANSAFIT Hybrid.
  • The semi-professional variant adopts features from professional kitchens and delivers them to the sink at home. For instance, the flexible spring hose with integrated hand shower.


  • Ergonomically optimized, easy to use and as safe as possible.
  • THERMO COOL function - Improved safety thanks to minimal heat conduction to the fitting housing.
  • Protection against scalding: Safety stop at 38 degrees Celsius as anti-scalding protection.
  • Suitable for thermal disinfection.
  • Easy-grip operating handles.

Touchless washbasin faucets

  • More hygienic and clean thanks to touchless operation.
  • Conserves water with only 5 l / min.
  • Bluetooth connection
The essentials at a glance,