Fir for those who know great style never fades

What makes a house - or apartment - a home? The answer can be as many-faceted as our tastes. Home means something entirely individual to each one of us. Together with the young and fresh style, it is this acknowledgement of our individuality that makes HANSADESIGNO STYLE what it is.

A tasteful touch to the kitchen

In addition to looking good, contemporary sink fittings have to be, first and foremost, practical. A daily help, so to speak. And that description fits perfectly to HANSADESIGNO: Thanks to the swivel and extra-tall spout and the pull-out hand shower with two spray variants, it is a flexible and reliable kitchen aid that also cuts quite a dash.
Additional plus point: an electronic shut-off valve that automatically regulates the flow of water, making for safer usage.

Modern minimalist design for bathroom

« HANSADESIGNO STYLE links up the realms of architecture and nature. This three-dimensional combination of basic geometric elements (circles and rectangles) comes across as soft and smooth, like pebbles in flowing water. The synthesis of the two makes HANSADESIGNO STYLE a trend-oriented, individual lifestyle object. » - Michael Lammel, Designer & Engineer

No matter where and how the faucet is used, our expanded HANSADESIGNO STYLE range represents the perfect mix of personality, style and craftsmanship. Making it fit for any bathroom.

  • Top- and side operated
  • Comes in several sizes
  • High variant: More room for handwashing

Rose-golf variant with Mikado® stream

The HANSADESIGNO STYLE in rosé-gold stands for extravagance and individuality. The modern trend colour gives bathrooms a distinctive expression that is enhanced even more by the innovative Mikado® stream. The unusual spray pattern turns even the water itself into a real eye-catcher: The water flows into the basin separated into many individual, criss-crossed sprays - like web, filigreed and harmonious. And last, but not least: Mikado® stream variants are particularly economical. They use only two litres per minute.

Mikado is a registered trademark of Neoperl GmbH.

Modern smart design

The elegantly shaped touchless faucets are hygienic, easy-to-use and the number one solution in terms of ecology and sustainability. At the high end of our HANSADESIGNO STYLE smart range, you’ll find faucets that combine water-saving technologies with Bluetooth® capabilities.

  • Touchless and Bluetooth® functionalities
  • Water efficient
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Comes in several sizes

NEW! Classic elegance design

Fit for timeless style

  • Classic design
  • Elegant, light and smooth
  • Round base
  • Practical swivel spout

NEW! Classic minimalist design

Fit for versatility

  • Versatile basin options
  • 90° angle spout
  • Slim, iconic design
  • Comes in several sizes
  • High variant: More room for handwashing

The essentials at a glance

  • Modern: Trend-oriented designer faucets.
  • For kitchen: More comfort through the tall swivel spout and side control.
  • Optiona for kitchen l: pull-out hand spray with two different spray types – soft and strong – for even more freedom of movement and functionality at the sink.
  • Kitchen faucets: Flow rate: 12 l/min.
  • Diverse, individual fittings solutions with different heights and control options as well as variable shower solutions.
  • Bathroom: One of its kind: the high-quality rosé-gold variant and the fascinating Mikado® stream.
  • Sustainable: low water consumption of only 6 l/min for washbasin faucets or 2 l/min for models with Mikado® stream.
  • More convenience through optional models with tall spout, swivel spout or touchless function.