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Fit for safety and comfort

Our HANSACLINICA fittings are specifically designed with end-users in mind, supporting healthcare clinics in creating a safe and comfortable bathroom environment for every patient.

Fit for safety and comfort,

HANSACLINICA single-lever faucets

The new HANSACLINICA single-lever mixers with a generous, higher body provide more space to operate and freedom of movement under the spout. The HANSACLINICA range faucets have also an ergonomic lever that can be easily operated with just one finger or the back of the hand.

  • Loop lever for optimal usability or extended solid lever
  • Laminar flow to reduce aerosol
  • Nickel-free waterways
  • copper piping for better hygiene
  • design with its rounded edges: easy cleaning of the fitting body and reduced risk of injury
HANSACLINICA single-lever faucets,

HANSACLINICA thermostats

HANSACLINICA thermostat convinces with particularly ergonomic handles and easy, safe operation. As an option, the HANSACLINICA thermostat is also available with a long spout and an extra-long handle - ideal for hygienic operation with the elbow. A hot water lock ensures protection against scalding. Here the temperature cannot be automatically exceeded from the factory-set 38°C. If needed, the hot water lock can be adjusted between 36°- 44°C. To ensure the required levels of drinking water hygiene, the thermostat faucet is designed to withstand basic thermal disinfection. It is not necessary to dismantle the handle for this. A special unlocking key is enough.

  • Optional elbow-operated handle
  • Wing-shaped handles for better grip
  • Safety lock at 38 degrees Celsius to protect against scalding. (Adjustable 36°-44°C)
  • THERMO COOL function to keep housing cool
  • Thermal disinfection according to DVGW W551
  • concealed and triple-sealed connections: germs and bacteria cannot settle behind the cover
HANSACLINICA thermostats,

HANSACLINICA touchless thermostats

The HANSACLINICA thermostat is now also available as a touchless version with Bluetooth connection. As a result, the thermostat can be easily configured with HANSA App. There are three operation modes available for turning the faucet on and off: manual, automatic and a manual/automatic.

  • Thermal disinfection (according DVGW W551)​
  • Touchless function – Bluetooth – Oras App ​
  • Hot water safety lock to prevent scalding at 38°C (Adjustable 36°-44°C with HANSA key)
  • 3 different operation modes. Setting can be done by the HANSA Connect App
    • Manual ON/Manual OFF – Hand within detection range (detection area range 15cm)
    • Automatic ON/ Automatic OFF – Body within detection area / Body outside detection area (detection area range 40 cm)
    • Manual ON or automatic ON/ Manual OFF or automatic OFF
  • Thermostatic function provides instant access to accurately defined hot and cold water​
  • THERMOCOOL cover to prevent heat
  • Ergonomic handle ​
  • Laminar flow – to avoid spreading of microbes​
  • Clear and visible marking
HANSACLINICA touchless thermostats,

HANSA 3S-Installation system

Thanks to the HANSA 3S installation system, the installation of the new HANSACLINICA valves is easy and safe. All important components for fastening are integrated in one component. Sanitary installers can thus carry out all assembly steps precisely and quickly. Note! The 3S Installation system is available for all HANSACLINICA deck-mounted faucets.

HANSACLINICA thermostatic mixers with legionella flush handle

HANSACLINICA product range now also includes a special temperature selection handle for thermal disinfection which suitable for the HANSABLUEBOX. Alternatively, you can also only replace the handle to HANSAHOMEBLUEBOX thermostats with the HANSACLINICA temperature selection handle.

  • Special temperature selection handle for thermal disinfection according to DVGW W 551
  • Simple and user-friendly operation via HANSA Key analogous to the surface-mounted HANSACLINICA thermostats
  • Highly visible cold / warm marking for use in the HANSACLINICA sector
HANSACLINICA thermostatic mixers with legionella flush handle,