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Relaxation for body and soul

Showering is now much more than just a simple cleansing routine. The trend towards more well-being puts holistic recuperation for the whole body into focus. The showers of the HANSACLASSICJET series, whether single spray or 3-spray models, are excellently suited for relaxation phases to combat daily stress.

Relaxation for body and soul,

The perfect shower for the cross-generational bathroom

Thanks to the conical shape that gently transitions into the oval handle, the HANSACLASSICJET series of hand showers can be grasped especially securely and comfortably even with wet hands. The combination of ergonomic handle and contrast-rich appearance with the light-coloured, chrome-plated housing and dark shower head base makes the showers the perfect solution for any cross-generation bathroom.

The perfect shower for the cross-generational bathroom,

The essentials at a glance

  • Distinctive shape: cone-shaped shower head with dark base.
  • Practical: The hand shower can be grasped securely even with wet hands.
  • A perfect shower for the cross-generation bathroom: Combination of ergonomic handle and contrast between dark shower head base and light-coloured chrome-plated housing.
  • Single spray and 3-spray variants: 3 spray variants (Relaxing, Refreshing, EcoFlow).
  • Optionally as a wall bar set also with holding bracket (GGT tested).
  • Uncomplicated, easy cleaning thanks to anti-limescale technology.
  • Flow rate: 12 l/min.
The essentials at a glance,