HANSA Connect App – the smart interface for setting and maintaining HANSA electronic fittings.

Fittings with app operation

The mobile app provides HANSA sanitation professionals and buildings technicians significant added value for the operation and maintenance of selected products. For example, the touchless fittings of the HANSAELECTRA and HANSAMEDIPRO series can be monitored and controlled reliably and easily by means of the app. The functions of the fittings can be set exactly according to the customer's needs via smartphone or tablet. Many parameters can be configured with just a few finger movements. This significantly reduced the time it takes to set the functions. Also, a reporting function simplifies technical documentation and maintenance.

The benefits at a glance

Use the option to adapt HANSAELECTRA and HANSAMEDIPRO to the prevailing conditions.

Profit from easy access to information and the option to set a wide range of parameters in the password-protected settings dialogue, e.g. water flow period, interval and duration of automatic flushing and sensor sensitivity.

Using the HANSA Connect App and the intuitive setting procedure saves a significant amount of time while setting the functions. You do not need any other special devices such as a remote control or laptop.

The reporting function via email simplifies technical documentation and maintenance.

How does the HANSA Connect App work?

  1. Download the HANSA Connect App as iOS version in the App Store (from iPhone 4S and iPad from 3rd generation) or as Android version in the Google Play Store
  2. Activate the Bluetooth® function of the smartphone or tablet.
  3. Start the HANSA Connect App
  4. Any Bluetooth® enabled Hansa fittings within a range of 10 metres will be listed automatically.
  5. Select the fitting you wish to operate and use the capabilities of the app.

What can the HANSA Connect App do?

The HANSA Connect App displays all important product details at a glance:

  • device type
  • battery charging level
  • batter voltage
  • overall consumption
  • time to next flush
  • time of last reset
  • overall meter at solenoid valve openings
  • weekly schedule for automatic flushing

You can perform simple actions via the HANSA Connect App:

  • opening and closing the fitting
  • activating cleaning mode
  • email reporting

What can you do in the password-protected part of the HANSA Connect App?

The main app functions are password-protected. You can easily control the following settings in the password-controlled area and adapt the fitting to the user's requirements:

  • storing predefined settings 
  • restoring factory settings
  • resetting the intermediate meter 
  • transferring settings to the fitting 
  • selecting predefined settings 
  • setting sensor sensitivity 
  • setting maximum water flow period 
  • setting manual flushing duration 
  • setting the cleaning mode duration 
  • setting the (intelligent) rinsing time 
  • setting the sensor distance 
  • setting the automatic cleaning interval 
  • setting the automatic flushing and rinsing mode 
  • setting the water flow quantity of the fitting for computing the consumption 

How can you link up the app with the fitting?

The communication between the HANSA Connect App and HANSA fittings is via a Bluetooth® link. The HANSA electronic fittings have a Bluetooth® sensor. This sensor communicates with the Bluetooth®-enabled mobile end device. The current Bluetooth® standard (Bluetooth 4.0) features a very low energy consumption level. This means that it is excellently suited for use with HANSA electronic fitting battery-operated systems.

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