Complex planning done simply, quickly and with strong design


Stuttgart – Fitting bathrooms simply, holistically and reliably – a service that is in more demand than ever in today's housing market. HANSA's preconfigured solutions ensure exactly that. Thanks to well-considered combinations of premium product solutions for basin, shower and bath tub, entire bathrooms can be built, refurbished or renovated economically and flexibly.

HANSA's fittings packages are ideal for smooth planning and implementation in new construction, refurbishment and renovation projects.

Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH

The Living Trends Report 2030* predicts significant future developments for planners and decision-makers. One key change they will have to get used to is housing areas and quarters that, in our “25-hour active society”, are places of relaxation, health and progress all at the same time. As work becomes more and more intense, people's homes provide a vital place to relax and recover. One spotlight is on the bathroom, whose fittings and enhancement is becoming increasingly important.

However, construction and renovation today no longer tend to focus only on a single apartment or building. Instead, decisions are often made to fit in with the development of an entire quarter. That means there is even more demand for contemporary complete solutions that ensure fast, flexible planning and implementation.

To do this, HANSA has created seven fittings packages that cover every requirement of the housing market and property construction individually and at little expense. Thanks to high-quality workmanship, simple installation, durability, economical water consumption and ease of maintenance, plans remain good value in the long term. In addition, the products impress demanding users who value design, comfort, sustainability and health.

Efficient and flexible planning and implementation

The five comfort packages incorporate two design lines whose timeless looks allow them to fit in with a wide range of bathroom concepts and that impress with simple installation and long-lasting results. HANSAPINTO for design-conscious, sophisticated and distinguished solutions with added value. HANSAPOLO as a comfortable standard solution with a simple, functional character.

The fittings packages are complemented by practical HANSA functional hand showers as an additional water source for the basin, as well as products for bath and shower. Options include the especially water and energy-saving HANSAMICRA thermostats with intuitive and accurate temperature setting, THERMO COOL housing and 38°C safety lock as reliable protection against scalding. Products from HANSABASICJET shower range can also be connected. The single-jet hand showers with straight-line design, clean geometric lines and soft edges are especially light and easy to use. High-quality silicon studs prevent limescale deposits on the shower head, making the products easier to clean and keeping them working well for longer. One key advantage of the wall-mounted shower rods for shower and bathtub is the fact that they can be adjusted to any height. This enables them to be adapted to any wall situation and prevents unnecessary additional work during installation.

HANSA also offers two standard lever mixer packages for bathtub or shower in the HANSAPRIMO range.

* GdW (Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Enterprise Registered Associations) Industry Report 6.