The centre of the home: the kitchen

These days, the kitchen is becoming more and more the hub of the household. A place where the family gathers, friends drop by, where we cook, eat, celebrate … and simply live. The significance of homeliness, comfort and the kitchen being 'a place to be seen in' is increasing. That has a huge influence on how people want to plan their kitchen. With its competence in the kitchen segment, HANSA can find a solution for any situation – individual and with a special kind of added value.

Pure enjoyment thanks to high quality

Relaxation you can enjoy with a clear conscience. So it is HANSA’s goal to maintain the high quality of drinking water as it flows through the fitting from beginning to end to give you a really good and confident feeling. This is achieved by the HANSAPROTEC system. This system encompasses and secures those parts of the fitting that come into contact with potable water. With sink fittings equipped with the HANSAPROTEC system, all parts in contact with the flowing water are made exclusively of a high-quality brass alloy that resists dezincification and other corrosion.

The plastics used comply with the German KTW (plastics in contact with drinking water) regulations and further safeguard the high quality of drinking water. This ensures that the water remains what it should be: pure enjoyment – promoting good health and a good conscience.

All kitchen fittings from Hansa

More individuality in the kitchen

From classic lever mixers and side-controlled models to XL variants with raised or swiveling spouts for more space for one's hands to versions with hand sprays for maximum freedom of movement – HANSA's range of kitchen fittings can meet all requirements. So you are sure to find a sink fitting that fits and harmonizes with your kitchen routine.

All kitchen fittings from Hansa