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For those ready to make smart choices. With touchless faucets that save water and energy, are safe and hygienic - perfectly fit for public and private spaces. New integrated Bluetooth®


For those who appreciate sustainability. Faucets and showers that enable better living without sacrificing performance or design - responsibly made from the finest, most durable material.


For those who value the simple everyday moments. With a range of easy-to-use stylish faucets designed to bring comfort and safety to any kitchen.

Product finder

Product finder

Safe, durable, sustainable – and stylish – whatever your shower or faucet requirements, we’ve got you covered.


Spare parts

Spare parts

Cartridges, spouts, caps, sensors – whether you’re upgrading a customer’s bathroom or need to make a repair, we’ll help you find the component you need. When you need it.

For professionals

For professionals

Our products are easy to install, always reliable, and designed to fit any setting – saving you time and costs on planning, and ensuring they meet every requirement.

HANSA Digital Novelties

HANSAACTIVEJET Digital hand shower

HANSAACTIVEJET Digital hand shower

The award-winning HANSAACTIVEJET Digital hand shower is designed to help you save water – with little effort. The integrated display gives real-time feedback on your water and energy consumption. By connecting the shower to an app, it can revolutionize your relationship to water. HANSAACTIVEJET Digital – the smart choice for a better future.

HANSA Digital Services

HANSA Digital Services

Our new service offering helps all parties of the building: the users, the maintainers, and the owners. It also promotes health and supports the environment.

  • Water quality → Manage your water and restrooms
  • Hand hygiene → Fewer sick leave days for users
  • Sustainability → Track and save water in your building

Water Smart Living

Saying yes to Water Smart Living is saying yes to faucets and showers that will reduce our water and energy consumption. It’s saying yes to SMART technology that will make our homes, schools, hospitals and public spaces safer, for the benefit of our health. It’s saying yes to the choices that will enable us to create positive change for people – and the environment.

That’s why we’re saying yes to Water Smart Living.

Water Smart Living,

Latest news

HANSAVANTIS and HANSAVANTIS Style Designed to make a difference

HANSAVANTIS and HANSAVANTIS Style Designed to make a difference

Slender, timeless and high-quality - the modern new edition of the popular HANSAVANTIS faucet series fits perfectly with different styles and user needs. The new HANSAVANTIS Style design line is likely to produce an "aha" moment, especially among lovers of modern classics and home improvement: The timeless design of the fittings combines filigree chic with the latest, intelligent technology. The extensive assortment of both faucet lines convinces with numerous different variants, including a hybrid faucet – a new must have in all bathrooms. The new line will be available from fall 2022.

What can today’s consumers expect from their faucets?

What can today’s consumers expect from their faucets?

, renewing bathroom fixtures is high in demand. In fact, 88% of renovating homeowners also upgrade their bathroom faucets while they’re at it. Read about the latest consumer trends and find out what you can expect from your next faucet update.

What are EPDs and why is it important to look at the full lifecycle of a faucet?

What are EPDs and why is it important to look at the full lifecycle of a faucet?

We’ve gathered our sustainability experts to discuss everything project planners need to know about navigating the complex world of environmental certifications and documentation in the future.