Architecture-oriented bathroom planning as part of the system

If only the control element of the fitting is visible, those in the trade speak of a concealed fitting. Handles, a spout, a switching knob or control element for a thermostat remain visible, while the connections and the actual workings disappear behind the wall. The specific advantages of such concealed solutions: They allow the greatest possible room to manoeuvre in matters of design, they free up significantly more space, make for clear-cut, reduced lines and improve safety for young and old alike.

Architecturally sophisticated and clearly structured bathroom spaces that take account of the room as a composite whole can be implemented ideally with HANSAMATRIX.

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Plan perfect product looks with HANSAMATRIX

With our digital tool, you can plan all bathroom features in the HANSAMATRIX concealed system online in the blink of an eye. You choose the design and the configurator automatically puts together all the individual pieces and the matching concealed units. With download option and personal configuration code

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For fast and safe installation

As partners of the trade, HANSA develops product solutions that provide sanitation specialists with added value, helping them go about their daily tasks meticulously and methodically. For example, the 3S installation system that has been implemented for the first time with HANSAPINTO. With it, a washbasin fitting can be installed more efficiently than ever before.

What’s special about it: All the components required for fastening, such as the tightening plate, seal and nut, are integrated into a single assembly. This makes sure that nothing can get lost, and there is no need to fiddle around with small parts. Especially in confined spaces such as in bathroom furniture, that already guarantees major benefits. Sanitary installers can carry out entire installations precisely and fast. With the 3S system it is even possible to perform a 'blind' or one-handed installation without difficulty. The amount of time needed for installation is reduced by at least 50 percent. Valuable time that adds up – for you, too!

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A small blue miracle in the bathroom

With concealed fittings, a concealed element for mixing the water is installed in the wall as a kind of 'socket' for water similar to an electrical socket. Advantages: The fittings technology disappears from view; only the control elements and the fitting spout remain visible. This saves space on the one hand, and makes for a reduced design on the other. Perfect for mini-sized bathrooms – amongst others.
For example: the HANSABLUEBOX. Its round, blue casing houses a flexible system that can be integrated into any installation situation. One advantage of the Blue Box is that you can take the decision as to which fitting to choose and which design during the course of the interior decoration planning. And if at some stage the fittings should no longer meet the requirements of a new situation, or you would prefer different ones, the installer can replace them easily, and without having to demolish the wall. That means: complete freedom of choice and space for individuality.

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