My bathroom, my ritual, my faucet

Our bathroom is more than just a functional place for getting clean. Well-being, time for ourselves and appreciation for the elixir of life – water – turn the bathroom into an important space in our private lives. Each of us has her or his own way of using it: Sometimes a long, relaxing wellness cure, sometimes quickly brushing one's teeth – sometimes singing in the shower, sometimes a meticulous shave. There is only one way in for the water that is common to all these activities – the fitting – and that puts it at the centre of attention in our daily rituals. HANSA presents individuality and variety with its high-quality faucets for the bathroom.

HANSA conjures up wellness moments in the bathroom

In the old days, a bathroom had to be entirely functional, but in recent years it has transformed into a space for well-being in one's own four walls. As well as providing for bodily hygiene, the focus is now on relaxation, wellness, hydrotherapeutic use and design. This is also reflected in the way the bathroom is furnished. Faucets, shower systems etc. are no longer isolated units, but belong to an overall concept: The bathroom as living space, a place we like to be and where our well-being has first priority. And for that personal and individual place to be, HANSA offers safe, durable, attractive and intelligent fittings. So that you can enjoy it to the full.


Tap turned on, water flows: Well, yes, but a modern faucet is much more than that. For instance, it can be operated both manually and touchless. It can be used as a shower or it can be adjusted via Bluetooth. This makes today's fittings not only very flexible, but especially creative. With useful details, intelligent technology and strong design, the multifunctional fittings from HANSA offer exceptional levels of comfort at your washbasins and enrich your life. Plenty of space for your hands, room to manoeuvre, optional touchless operation and an economical use of our most important resource – water. HANSA faucets fits perfectly to your needs.

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