HANSA SMART is a new generation of sanitary fittings embedded with Bluetooth technology, fit for whatever life throws your way. Faucets are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we know the right choice can make all the difference. So, whether you want a customised shower experience or touchless faucet, choose from a range of solutions that take hygiene, comfort and safety to the next level – while reducing your water and energy consumption. Allowing you to keep living your messy, colourful life. Just … smarter.

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Making the switch to SMART faucets

Everyday magic – how do sensor faucets work?

With touchless faucets, water only flows while it is actually needed. If you move your hand close to the infrared sensor, the water automatically starts to flow – always the right amount and always at a pleasant temperature. When you take your hand away, the flow of water stops. Completely without touching.

Sounds like magic, but in fact it's just intelligent technology: HANSA's patented PSD technology in the sensor ensures that the fitting responds exactly to your hand. And it can do that irrespective of any drops of water, light effects or reflective surfaces. This guarantees the flow of water – fast, intuitively and for a little more magic in your everyday life.

HANSA has a large selection of fittings that don't have to be touched.

All HANSA's touchless faucets

What touchless faucets can do

HANSA's sensor faucets are real magicians. They stand for convenient operation, hygiene, economy, intuitive handling, design and intelligent technology. That is why these six aspects make your kitchen and bathroom routines simpler – just magic!

Hands free for what's important

Do you want to fill a vase or a high-sided pot with water quickly, but you can’t put it down? Quite a challenge. In a daily routine with lots of things on our hands, electronically controlled fittings can be a great help. They operate without the need to move a lever. The water begins to flow as soon as your hand gets close to the sensor, and it stops again when you take it away.

More hygiene, less cleaning

Every day, bacteria collect on our hands – sometimes more, sometimes less. If you have to touch a faucet to turn it on, some of them get transferred to it. As no direct contact with the skin is needed to operate a sensor faucet, less bacteria and fewer drops of water land on it. So it stays clean for longer and doesn’t have to be cleaned as often.

Save water – safely

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, shaving or washing your hands, the water often runs for longer than necessary. With electronic fittings, it only flows while it is actually being used. This reduces both water and energy consumption, easing the pressure on the environment – and your purse.

For every generation

Touchless faucets can easily be operated in an intuitive way, so they are suitable for use across all generations. Children understand how to use them faster than you can explain it to them, and older people also appreciate the ease of use. As the temperature can be preset, you can rely on pleasant and safe usage.

Aesthetic design

Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, touchless faucets are real eye-catchers. HANSA provides a large selection of touchless design faucets as well as hybrid versions. The latter can be operated both touchlessly as well as manually. They are available in several variants, fitting in perfectly to modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Intelligent technology

The patented PSD technology in the sensor ensures that the fitting responds exactly to your hand. The sensor reliably detects the position of the hand, regardless of any drops of water, light effects or reflective surfaces.

Fittings for the bathroom


HANSALIGNA touchless

HANSALIGNA conveys a harmonious impression made up of gently flowing inner contours and geometric outer forms. The water temperature can be pre-set on the mixing lever at the side.

To HANSALIGNA touchless

HANSALOFT touchless

A clear cuboidal design language, generous dimensions, immaculate edges – HANSALOFT is the striking washbasin accessory for bathrooms with a clear-cut architectural foundation.

To HANSALOFT touchless

HANSASTELA touchless

Its reduced design allows HANSASTELA to grace many different kinds of bathroom with a special flair. The slightly forward-leaning body gives it a dynamic look.

To HANSASTELA touchless

HANSADESIGNO Style touchless

The HANSADESIGNO Style family seamlessly combines elegance and functionality, offering a complete collection of modern bathroom and kitchen faucets fit for everyday life.


HANSAFIT touchless

Colour-contrasting, easy-to-use control elements with the Soft-Touch surface, variable temperature limitation and the Tiptronik Flex-button for remote control from the washbasin itself all make HANSAFIT touchless an ergonomically optimized and safe solution for young and old.

To HANSAFIT touchless


Introducing our most versatile touchless faucet family. With HANSAELECTRA, you can reduce your water consumption by half, while taking hygiene and comfort to new heights.

To HANSELECTRA touchless

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Touchless faucets for maximum hygiene

Viruses, bacteria or germs - every person is exposed to a wide variety of pathogens every day. If these enter the body via the nose, mouth or eyes, they can lead to infections. The simplest and most effective protection: regular and thorough hand washing. Touchless fittings, such as the modern automatic faucets for the private, public and semi-public sectors from HANSA, improve additional safety and ensure maximum hygiene.

Fittings for the kitchen

HANSAFIT Hybrid touchless

The distinctive hybrid fitting is an all-round multi-tasker. It can be controlled manually using two easy-grip levers. It also has a touchless function which can be used to produce a ten-second flow of water at a pre-set temperature.

To HANSAFIT Hybrid touchless