Functionality meets futuristic design

The HANSASMARTSHOWER shower system turns any bathroom into a stylish, smart and indulgent oasis. Whether with a HANSACUBE thermostat or connected to any exposed or concealed fitting – the waterfall or splash stream turns the daily shower into a relaxing and luxurious experience. Integrated into both shower system variants: the HANSASTILO hand shower.

Smart: shower luxury at the touch of a button

The HANSASMARTSHOWER shower system is an eye-catcher that captivates not only on account of its futuristic design, but also by its functionality. The characteristic element is the elegant front plate of mirrored or anthracite-coloured glass. All functions – operation of the body, hand and overhead showers as well as switching from one shower and spray type to another – are integrated here. So you can vary your luxurious daily showering simply by pressing a button.

The essentials at a glance

  • Multi-functional wellness shower system.
  • Futuristic design.
  • Many intelligent functions.
  • High-grade glass surface.
  • Waterfall stream and splash stream.
  • Push-button operation.
  • With HANSASTILO hand shower.
  • Variant with HANSACUBE thermostat.
  • Variant for connection with all exposed or concealed fittings.
  • Flow rate: 15 l/min.
  • Not suitable for hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heaters.

Available in the following variations:


With exposed products, the fittings technology is installed on outside of the wall. Pipes and connections remain visible.


With concealed products, a concealed element for mixing the water is installed in the wall. The connections and pipes disappear from view; only the control elements and the faucet spout remain visible.

In the system

With directly connected shower system.