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Why Oras? Here you can find reference projects with Oras faucets, FAQ, articles and other relevant information to explain how we do things and what kind of principles are guiding our way of work.

Why Oras?

We offer a wide range of durable and high quality products which are easy to install. Oras is the partner that helps you to install and forget. 


For years Oras has been a trusted partner for many building and renovations projects. Check out the highlights of some of our various references.

Frequently asked questions

What is the "eco button"? How should the faucets be cleaned? Find answers to these and other most frequently asked questions here.  

Datasheet tool

With this tool it's easy to generate Oras product datasheet(s) into PDF and download it.

Material bank

Product pictures, dimension drawings, marketing materials and other publications. All material in once place. Free access - no login credentials needed. 

Solutions for Health&Care sector

In a hospital environment, the most important properties of faucets are hygiene and usability. Oras touchless faucets combine these with state-of-the-art design and high-quality, durable materials.

Quality and materials

At Oras, we offer our customers professional and advanced sanitary fittings which make the use of water easy and sustainable. With high quality, modern and easy-to-use products we help our customer to live more and enjoy the use of water to the fullest.