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Digital Hand Shower App

Connect HANSAACTIVEJETDigital hand shower to the Digital Hand Shower App to set water consumption goals, receive data on your shower behaviour, and to access tips on saving water.

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Download the app

Search with "Digital Hand Shower DHS" from Google Play or App Store. 

With the Digital Hand Shower App you can:

  • Get an overview of your water and energy consumption
  • Compare your goals and results with other users of the Digital Hand Shower App
  • Track and analyze your consumption history
  • Set water and energy consumption goals and adjust as needed

How to connect the app with the Digital Hand Shower?

  1. Download the Digital Hand Shower App from Google Play or App Store
  2. Create an account and log in
  3. Turn on Bluetooth and the location tracker
  4. Turn on the water on your digital hand shower and open the app – stay close to the hand shower
  5. Type the four-digit code on the back the shower LCD screen into the app
  6. The app and Digital Hand Shower are now connected and you can take your first shower!

HANSAACTIVEJET Digital hand shower

The award-winning HANSAACTIVEJETDigital hand shower gives you real-time feedback on your water and energy consumption habits. With the digital hand shower, you can save on average 22% in water and energy consumption.

  • Integrated display provides insights on total water and energy consumptions
  • Colored lights on the handle give you a quick overview of the current consumption level
  • Powered by water flow – no batteries required
  • Simple to attach – fits to all standard showers

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