HANSA: In-house production

In-house shower expertise

HANSA: In-house production

Stuttgart – From research and development to series production: the production chain for HANSA products in the shower segment is entirely in-house. This in-house expertise guarantees quality and enables individual requirements to be implemented. The HANSAACTIVEJET hand showers are proof of that. They are the result of combined expertise and have been tailored exactly to the needs of modern customers.

Full jet for full indulgence: the three-jet version of the HANSAACTIVEJET STYLE with the INTENSE SPRAY option.

Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH

As part of the Oras Group, HANSA has access to extensive synergies. Collaboration and exchange of expertise within the corporation is encouraged. That benefits retail, trades and end consumers. HANSA gives its customers access to this connected expertise in design, engineering, logistics and production in the form of innovative products that reflect the spirit of the times and ensure the greatest satisfaction.

The HANSAACTIVEJET hand showers are a case in point. They are produced 100% in-house and represent pure shower indulgence. Everything comes from a single source. The entire value chain remains in-house. This enables HANSA to contribute its expertise in the shower segment in every key production step and react flexibly to market dynamics. The focus is always on the needs of the users.

The perfect jet type for every shower

The HANSAACTIVEJET hand showers, for example, are based solely on the needs of the users, reacting to the mega trend for well-being with difference experience modes. A choice of models with rounded or soft-edged shower heads in the HANSAACTIVEJET STYLE range comes in grey or white. Each is available as a single-jet or three-jet model.

For particular convenience, the jet types are chosen intuitively at the touch of a button with clear symbols. The INTENSE jet option is ideal for daily, universal use. Those who prefer more relaxation and pure indulgence can be pampered with the soft, wide-area SENSITIVE SPRAY. The width of the jet means that the entire body is gently covered with water. PULSE SPRAY is the ideal choice for relieving muscle tension. The shower head produces a pulsating, hard jet that massages the affected body parts and banishes the stresses of the day from the user's mind. This fresh kick is activated via a button on the top of the shower head.