Gentle, good-looking and clever: HANSASIGNATUR

Tap turned on, water flows: Well, yes, but a modern fitting is much more than that. For instance, it could be designed for both manual and touchless operation. Or it could have a shower function. With useful details, intelligent technology and excellent design, the HANSASIGNATUR series provides an unusual degree of comfort in kitchens and bathrooms.

When the faucet responds to your needs

Plenty of room for the hands and plenty of range, touchless operation as an option and economical use of resources – HANSASIGNATUR Hybrid is a faucet that likes meeting and overcoming challenges. A real multi-talent, in fact.

The hybrid fitting with sensor function can be operated both touchlessly as well as manually. This makes using it easy, intuitive and a matter of personal taste in one.

If it is just a question of needing a little water for washing your hands, brushing your teeth or shaving, the electronic function is exactly right. As your hands approach the sensor, the water starts to flow automatically at the pre-set temperature. The lever mixer is at the side, separate from the spout, and is for the more traditional way of controlling water. In other words: Open the faucet and let the water flow.

For the greatest possible freedom of movement at the washbasin you can use the pull-out hand shower and swivel the spout through 150 degrees. So you can indulge in the luxury of hairdresser-style hair-washing. And thanks to the greater reach, children can also access the faucet. It is difficult to imagine an even greater degree of freedom in individual water usage.

The essentials at a glance

  • Typical for the series: the attention-getting, dual structure with separate lever and spout.
  • Expressive, individual appearance.
  • The multifunctional hybrid model can be operated touchlessly via sensor or via the lever – for optimal operating convenience.
  • The 150° swivel spout and the hand spray provide an unusual degree of flexibility and room to manoeuvre at the washbasin or sink.
  • Best drinking water hygiene thanks to nickel-free water ducts.

Available in the following variations

Electronically controlled

The battery-operated fitting is controlled electronically and features individual functions.


Touchless faucets are operated without the need to move a lever. The water begins to flow as soon as your hand gets close to the sensor, and it stops again when you take it away.


Hybrid fittings can be operated both via the lever as well as touchlessly.

shower function

The practical hand shower gives you more room to manoeuvre at the washbasin or sink. The flow of water is directed to the shower by pressing the diverter.