Safe and versatile

The HANSAFIT was developed together with the GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft® für Gerontotechnik (German Gerontological Technology Society). It is most remarkable for its versatility. Ergonomic, multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing – with HANSAFIT you can enjoy complete peace of mind and more empowerment in the bathroom – across all generations.

Touchless freedom in the cross-generation bathroom

The intelligent HANSAFIT touchless washbasin fitting promises even more convenience and freedom for your bathroom – across generations. Ergonomic, easy and safe to use, HANSAFIT enriches modern bathroom spaces where design and functionality join forces. It feels at home with any and all individual styles of decoration thanks to its contemporary looks.

Use the HANSA Connect App to control and customize HANSAFIT touchless faucets

HANSAFIT touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® connection, allowing you to adjust the faucet settings at the point of installation. You can use the HANSA Connect app to easily monitor functionality and usage, including water consumption and battery life. The app interface automatically displays the nearby touchless faucets on the screen, making it simple and convenient for you to tailor the faucet setting for your needs.

The essentials at a glance

  • Cross-generation: easy to use.
  • Maximum convenience of use.
  • More hygienic and clean thanks to touchless operation.
  • Conserves water with only 5 l / min.

Available in the following variations

Electronically controlled

The fitting, either battery or mains powered, is controlled electronically and features individual functions.


Touchless faucets are operated without the need to move a lever. The water begins to flow as soon as your hand gets close to the sensor, and it stops again when you take it away.