Comfort meets ecology

The HANSAVIVA series of showers encompasses a range of matching products that make showering specially pleasant. And what always plays a role: sustainability. An integrated volume limiter reduces the flow rate to 12 l/min – that means savings of up to 50 percent without any loss of comfort.

Ecological rain shower for the home

What is special about the HANSAVIVA shower system: It includes both the HANSAVIVA overhead shower as well as the hand shower. This gives you the choice between a relaxing 'rain shower' via the overhead shower or three different spray types (Rain, Active, INTENSE SPRAY) via the hand shower.

The essentials at a glance

  • Great versatility in style.
  • Soft, design-accented transitions.
  • Single spray and 3-spray variants: 3-spray (Rain, Active, INTENSE SPRAY).
  • Practical: Easy selection of the spray mode via the grip-friendly diverter – and no problem with just one hand.
  • Optionally as shower set or wall bar set.
  • Combination variant with overhead shower and hand shower.
  • The overhead shower models can be swivelled horizontally as desired through 56° or 48°.
  • A moveable wall shower bracket is available as an option.
  • Uncomplicated, easy cleaning thanks to anti-limescale technology.
  • Flow rate: 12 l/min.

Available in the following variations:

single spray

A voluminous, generous streams of water (rain) makes for relaxation while showering.


INTENSE SPRAY – a stream for every day, ideal for washing long hair. Active – powerful, precise water streams Rain – voluminous, generous water stream

Overhead shower

Lie back and relax while the generous stream of water splashes over you and gives you the perfect rain-shower feeling.<br/> For either wall or ceiling installation.

hand shower

The hand shower variants with their ergonomic design add even more comfort to your showering experience. Whether bathtub or shower – the hand shower can very easily be replaced in the bracket.


Sets for bathtub mixers with shower hose and wall bracket.


Wall bar sets with convenient height adjustment and optional soap dish guarantee easy installation and long-term satisfaction during use.

Optionally as a shower system with a water-ducting slider bar and combination of overhead shower and hand shower.