Well-being – barrier-free

Both in the healthcare sector as well as in cross-generation homes, the standards for safety and hygiene in the bathroom are particularly high. At the same time, the aim is to make operation convenient for children and older people especially. Well-being without barriers – made possible by the HANSAMEDIPRO FLEX hand shower.

The handling is in the handle

The HANSAMEDIPRO FLEX hand shower displays an innovative feature: Its handle, rotatable through 360°, provides great flexibility in use. For self-showering, the shower head sits comfortably and safely in the palm of the hand. Alternatively, when showering a child or someone in need of assistance, the shower can also be held by its handle. The plane of rotation means the hose of the hand shower is always pointing downwards, so there is no need to keep changing grip. The soft-touch finish of the handle sits comfortably and safely in the hand. HANSAMEDIPRO FLEX features an innovative anti-limescale technology as well as a detachable, dishwasher-proof shower head base which is quick and easy to clean.

The essentials at a glance

  • Generation-oriented.
  • Ergonomically shaped bow handle, can be rotated through 360°.
  • Laminar soft spray: pleasantly quiet and produces clear, soft spray form.
  • Low aerosol emission.
  • Thermal disinfection.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 95 °C.
  • Removable shower head base for easy cleaning.
  • THERMO-COOL function: The outer shower housing heats up only a little.
  • Flow rate: 12 l/min.

Available in the following variations:

single spray

Soft, relaxing stream (SENSITIVE SPRAY) for cosseting the whole body.

hand shower

The hand shower variants with their ergonomic design add even more comfort to your showering experience.