The perfect entry-level shower system

The HANSAUNITA shower system is a combination of the HANSAUNITA shower-thermostat, 3-spray HANSAVIVA hand shower and either the rounded or angular HANSAVIVA overhead shower. It looks good in any bathroom and combines worry-free showering fun with good economic sense.

Stay cool

The HANSAUNITA thermostat delivers carefree showering and bathing fun with a well-being component: Pre-set to 38 degrees Celsius and fitted with a safety stop, the thermostat prevents any unexpected rushes of over-hot water. The THERMO COOL function provides protection against scalding and is also safe in itself because the metal body cannot overheat. That means: On the outside, the thermostat remains pleasantly cool. Ecological plus-point: The water flow rate economy button can be used to lower the water consumption considerably during showering.

The essentials at a glance

  • Can be implemented everywhere and combined with different stylistic accents.
  • Ideal complement to the HANSA|HOME segment.
  • Thermostat in slimline, modern design.
  • THERMO COOL function.
  • Flow rate of 12 l / min.
  • Protection against scalding: Safety stop at 38 degrees Celsius as anti-scalding protection.
  • With 3-spray HANSAVIVA shower and either a rounded or angular HANSAVIVA overhead shower.

Available in the following variations:


With exposed products, the fittings technology is installed on outside of the wall. Pipes and connections remain visible.

THERMO COOL function

Since the water duct and housing are separate, the surface of the thermostat does not heat up.

Safety stop at 38 degrees Celsius

Scalding protection for maximum safety.

In the system

With directly connected shower system.