Undemonstrative in its looks but with plenty of options

Typical of the HANSAVANTIS is the forward-leaning spout that gives the faucet a specially dynamic look. And in daily use, the convenient operating concept proves that there is more to it than just attractive looks. Classic or stylish? It remains your choice between the full operating lever or a pin-type operating lever, side-controlled or top-controlled, to suit your own preferences.

Stylish, slim and smart

The trend is heading towards side-controlled faucets for sinks. Whereas traditional faucets have a lever at the top centre, side-controlled alternatives such as the modern HANSAVANTIS make for agreeable comfort and practical benefits. For one thing, the chrome-plated surface of the faucet remains largely drip-free while you wash your hands – which is more hygienic and saves cleaning. The combination of greater projection, base height and swivelling spout provides more free space under the fitting. That makes using it more convenient and allows for a wider range of uses.

The essentials at a glance

  • Universal design with a large range of functions.
  • High-quality HANSA technology makes for easy operation.
  • Top controlled and side-controlled variants.
  • Optionally with a spout that can be swiveled through 150 degrees for the greatest possible convenience at the sink.
  • Classic or stylish: optionally with full or pin-type operating lever.

Available in the following variations:


The fitting can be opened and closed in the classic manner using the operating lever at the top.



The faucet is opened and closed by means of the operating lever at the side. This ensures that not a drop of water falls onto the fitting, so it stays hygienically clean for longer.



With exposed products, the fittings technology is installed on outside of the wall. Pipes and connections remain visible.


Wall fitting

The body is installed directly on the wall rather than on the washbasin or sink.


Device shut-off valve

The optional device shut-off valve represents extra comfort and safety at the sink.

For open hot water heaters

Open hot water heaters (boilers) always require a low-pressure fitting. This is in accordance with the technical specifications that apply here.