Precision work at the sink

The slender, cast spout is characteristic of all HANSATWIST models, as well as the operating lever that is available in two versions – either as full lever or loop lever. Both feature the same specially smooth and easy operation. This means that you can set the water flow rate and temperature very exactly.

With HANSATWIST you can 'handle' everything easily

HANSATWIST with a lever loop is not only visually striking, but is also particularly pleasant to touch, so the faucet wins hands down on ergonomics and ease of use. The HANSAPROTEC system means you can enjoy the water in your kitchen completely safely: It encompasses and secures those parts of the sink fitting that come into contact with the water, ensuring that the quality of the drinking water remains high.

The essentials at a glance

  • Wide range of choice with lever variations and operating systems.
  • A modern, user-friendly loop lever for all generations.
  • Traditional-modern design.
  • With a very convenient spout that can be swiveled through 150 degrees.
  • Enjoy without a care: The HANSAPROTECsystem maintains drinking water quality.

Available in the following variations:


The fitting can be opened and closed in the classic manner using the operating lever at the top.


The faucet is opened and closed by means of the operating lever at the side. This ensures that not a drop of water falls onto the fitting, so it stays hygienically clean for longer.


With exposed products, the fittings technology is installed on outside of the wall. Pipes and connections remain visible.

Wall fitting

The body is installed directly on the wall rather than on the washbasin or sink.

For open hot water heaters

Open hot water heaters (boilers) always require a low-pressure fitting. This is in accordance with the technical specifications that apply here.