The kind of inimitable character that designer kitchens simply cannot do without!

The unique ALESSI Swan by HANSA kitchen fitting was created in cooperation with the leading Italian design studio ALESSI. Its graceful, elegant swan shape and the intelligent technological features hidden inside give it an individual, inimitable character – just right for aspirational kitchen surroundings.

A faucet with the grace of a sculpture

With its unusual and distinctive appearance, ALESSI Swan by HANSA is the perfect faucet recommendation for high-end kitchens where design is especially important. Its creator Mario Trimarchi drew his inspiration from nature, specifically from the wings of a swan that served as a model for the elegant operating levers of the faucet. The left-hand lever is used to control the water flow rate, while the right-hand lever sets the temperature.


Mario Trimarchi


‘The special characteristic of ALESSI Swan by HANSA is the delicacy of its design language. It takes its cue from the natural elegance of the swan and provides for a fascinating experience in 360 degrees: Like a sculpture, the faucet presents a new facet of itself from each different point of view.’

The essentials at a glance

  • Faucet recommendation for high-end kitchens where discerning design is a must.
  • Graceful, elegant swan shape.
  • With a sculptured appearance: a fascinating 360 degree experience.
  • An LED display on the right-hand lever shows the temperature of the water.
  • Intelligent: The HANSATIPTRONIK push button functions like a 'remote control' on the sink. When it is pressed, pre-mixed water flows at a pleasant temperature.
  • Practical: A separate hand spray is available as an option.

Available in the following variations:


The faucet is opened and closed by means of the operating lever at the side. This ensures that not a drop of water falls onto the fitting, so it stays hygienically clean for longer.

Electronically controlled

The flow of water can also be started and stopped via the optional HANSATIPTRONIK push button.

Hand spray

The practical hand spray gives you more room to manoeuvre at the sink.