Technology and design in harmony

ALESSI Sense by HANSA comprises high-quality faucets for use in sinks and washbasins. Their inventive creator – the renowned designer Rodrigo Torres – has produced a product family that represents a perfect blend of form and function.

Motivating people to become more conscious of how they use water was the main focus of the development and design. It functions on the basis of an intelligent electronic operating system that encourages the user to engage.

Digital support: Conserving water at the touch of a button

Conserving resources means more than just switching off the light when you leave the room: It is also about reducing water consumption. Thanks to digitalization, no problem at all. For instance, ALESSI Sense by HANSA allows for intuitive and at the same time controlled use of water. There is a semi-transparent dish at the top of the fitting that you operate like a button. The flow of water is activated by pressing it briefly or for longer. An LED bar that functions like a timer 'runs out' accordingly. The flow of water can be stopped at any time by pressing the dish again. This gives you a sense of how long the water actually flows and you learn how to use it more consciously.

Rodrigo Torres


‘In times where careful use of water, our most valuable natural resource, should have the highest priority, objects such as ALESSI Sense by HANSA represent an exemplary development.’

The essentials at a glance

  • Expressive design with practical utility for sophisticated room concepts.
  • Easy operation via Touch-Control.
  • State-of-the-art water-saving technology; flow rate of 8.2 l/min.
  • High-quality glass interface for flow duration display.
  • The water low rate and temperature can be set using the control at the side of the faucet.
  • Special features: an electronic appliance shut-off valve that automatically switches off the flow of water after three or twelve hours.
  • Electronic functions that can be set: water flow duration, cleaning mode.

Available in the following variations:


The faucet is opened and closed by means of the operating lever at the side. This ensures that not a drop of water falls onto the fitting, so it stays hygienically clean for longer.

Electronically controlled

The faucets are operated simply using Touch-Control. The electronic functions can be set individually.

Device shut-off valve

The optional device shut-off valve represents extra comfort and safety at the sink.