Maximum deployment flexibility behind the wall

HANSAMATRIX is an innovative product system which allows you to implement high-quality, architecture-driven planning entirely as a concealed solution. And what do you see in front of the wall? Fittings that make for a visually uncluttered bathroom with their directness, exactitude and clarity.

Four-square practicality

If you appreciate a precise and puristic product for no-nonsense getting things done, then HANSAMATRIX is for you. Two equally sized basic elements for function and accessories can be arranged within a strict grid pattern of 25 millimetres. These are the 'building blocks' for a clear-cut, architecturally friendly concealed system. Intelligent: With HANSAMATRIX Tiptronik, the electronically controlled variant, the system uses modern control electronics behind the wall. As simple as it is intuitive, the operating principle with Tiptronik control keys provides for optimal convenience. It also promotes awareness in the use of resources with the aid of visual feedback. Smart technology that impresses.

The essentials at a glance

  • Concealed installation system in the HANSA|LIVING segment.
  • Thanks to the grid pattern with standard sizing, the components in the HANSAMATRIX system can be combined in more ways than you might expect.
  • The base grid size is 25 millimetres.
  • Clear-cut design logic for maximum planning scope.
  • Classic design forms: a square and striking rectangles for both horizontal and vertical placement.
  • Optionally with intuitively usable electronic control elements for the HANSAMATRIX Tiptronik version.

Available in the following variations:


For washbasin fittings from all HANSA|LIVING series.


For shower fittings from all HANSA|LIVING series.


For rim-mounted fitting and showers from all HANSA|LIVING series.

Electronically controlled

With mains-powered, intelligent electronics.