Classical modernity in the bathroom: HANSAMURANO

An extremely original water feature that captivates one's attention: Taking its cue from classical fountains, the HANSAMURANO fascinates with its stylish flow pattern that gently pours over an elegant glass surface. With its combination of ultra-modern technology and classically open water outlet, this unique faucet not only beguiles end consumers, but has also harvested a whole crop of design awards.

Clear glass as a bathroom eye-catcher

Timeless design in an absolutely contemporary interpretation: HANSAMURANO is a technically sophisticated premium fitting based on classical models. The stylish mix of the materials glass and chrome and the striking shape enhance any washbasin and give your whole bathroom a hint of luxury.
Operated by means of the top lever, the water flows harmoniously and gently over the glass rim and simply washing your hands becomes a real experience.

The essentials at a glance

  • Premium fitting with eye-catching design for the luxury bathroom.
  • Open water outlet.
  • Fascinating experience of water through unique flow pattern.
  • Convenient metal operating lever.
  • Safety glass with Hansapermatec coating. The innovative surface coating reduces deposition of limescale and soiling for easy cleaning.
  • Flow rate maximum 12 l / min.

Available in the following variations:


The fitting can be opened and closed in the classic manner using the operating lever at the top.