Classicallygood style

With its clear, unmistakable styling and intelligent functionality, the HANSALIGNA series achieves a perfect union of sophisticated design and contemporary technology. The rounded edge conveys lightness and harmony, animated by the contrast between gently flowing inner forms and clear-cut geometries on the outside.

Washing hands can be fun

The touchless variant for the HANSALIGNA series is a winner not only on account of its sophisticated looks, but also because of its intuitive and hygienic usage. The water starts to flow automatically when you hold your hand in front of the sensor of the faucet. You can pre-set the temperature at the side. When you take your hands away, the flow of water stops.

The essentials at a glance

  • Powerful design: With contrasting, gently flowing inner shapes and an austerely geometric outer form.
  • Maximum convenience: plenty of room for the hands and touchless operation if desired (electronically controlled).
  • Especially large range of variants for washbasins.
  • Conserves water with only 6 l / min.

Available in the following variations


The fitting can be opened and closed in the classic manner using the operating lever at the top.


The faucet is opened and closed by means of the operating lever at the side. This ensures that not a drop of water falls onto the fitting, so it stays hygienically clean for longer.

Electronically controlled

The fitting, either battery or mains operated, is controlled electronically and features individual functions.


Touchless faucets are operated without the need to move a lever. The water begins to flow as soon as your hand gets close to the sensor, and it stops again when you take it away.


With exposed products, the fittings technology is installed on outside of the wall. Pipes and connections remain visible.

Wall fitting

The body is installed directly on the wall rather than on the washbasin or sink.


A uniform design for the whole bathroom? That works well by means of the bathtub and shower fittings.


Rim-mounted fittings are installed directly on the rim of the bathtub rather than on the wall or free-standing.


With concealed products, a concealed element for mixing the water is installed in the wall. The connections and pipes disappear from view; only the control elements and the faucet spout remain visible.