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The kitchen is the heart of the home: the most important social space, where many of the life’s valuable moments are experienced. HANSA faucets increase the comfort in your kitchen, set visual highlights and make cooking more sustainable.

Comfort, contemporary design, intelligent and sustainable function - HANSA kitchen faucets add value to your home and make your kitchen routine easier. Useful design features such as pull-out sprays and high or swivelling spouts provide more flexibility at the workplace. Intelligent and touchless operation concepts ensure an eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen experience. And if you want to bring more individuality to your kitchen, our extraordinary designer faucets are just what you need.

Kitchen faucets for a

perfect and contemporary water experience

Our faucet in your kitchen

With our valuable heritage of over a century of craftsmanship and all our efforts to prioritize water as essential, we aim to transform any contemporary kitchen into a very special place to come together – your living kitchen.

More than decoration

Here, you can relish the joy of preparing food, cooking, gathering, and, above all, living. From dawn to dusk, every single day. Enjoying water from faucets that are far more than decorative accessories merely completing the sink.


Discover your kitchen faucet now

New colours touching the senses and our unique hybrid technology

NEW faucets for the kitchen

NEW faucets for the kitchen

New colours touching the senses and our unique hybrid technology

Wall-mounted  kitchen faucets

Wall-mounted kitchen faucets

The perfect solution for renovation or planning a new utility room

LOW PRESSURE faucets for the kitchen

LOW PRESSURE faucets for the kitchen

Finding the right kitchen faucet made easy

Be practical. Check what you need to do in your kitchen.

Think about the tasks that need to be done in a kitchen. Whether it's the first coffee of the day or a delicious meal, with our faucets, you are prepared for everything!

  • Write down a list of needed functionalities and cross-check with the features of our faucets.

  • Check the available space in height and the distance to the wall behind the mounting wall. We offer solutions for the best performance and appearance at all times.

  • The sink and faucet form a single functional unit. With our faucets, you can reach every corner of the sink and optimize the space for working.

Consider beauty. It's wiser to invest in style than in fleeting trends.

A kitchen is often a significant investment, and a high-quality faucet will be a companion for a long time. It is always a good decision to prioritize elegance and style.

  • Four colours to match any interior concept – chrome, matt black, brushed bronze and brushed steel

  • Different sizes and heights to balance the proportions and to optimize available spaces of the kitchen

  • Different operating concepts to meet individual preferences and to optimize available space

  • Different modern spout designs

Invest in safety. Rely on certified materials.

Water is precious, and so is our health. To preserve this essential resource, you can rely on the quality of our in-house produced components and certified materials at an expert level.

  •   Our HANSAPROTEC variants come with nickel-free waterways and < 0.3% lead in the brass alloy to maintain the best possible water quality
  •   5 Year guarantee for the functional parts
  •   10 years guaranteed availability of spare parts

Think ahead. Think SMART.

Connectivity should support our daily routines not rule them. We have combined useful remote features with technological brillance to create outstanding water experiences.

  • Hygiene and easy cleaning are important factors in every kitchen. Touchless faucets with accurate and reliable sensor technology prevent the spread of germs and stay clean for a longer time.
  • Hybrid operation mode to combine all advantages of manual and touchless operation
  • Easy installation without the need for an electrician
  • Thermostatic controlled premixed water temperature ensures the right temperature without risk of scalding
  • Use our HANSA 360 App for preferred settings and monitoring
  • Remote dishwasher valve can be placed wherever needed

New colours for your living kitchen

Refined colours and surfaces touching senses

Choose from four colours matching any interior concept – chrome, matt black, brushed bronze and brushed steel.

  • Carefully selected range beyond trends
  • Durable and resistant finish
  • Consistent look across different materials
  • Easy to clean throughout its entire lifetime

Brushed Bronze

Essence of an endless summer

  • Rich, earthy tone
  • Elegant and subtle brushed finish
  • Fits subdued colour palettes
  • Refined style beyond fleeting trends

Brushed Steel

Vitality for every day

  • Matt surface for a sleek, timeless ambience
  • Modern brushed finish
  • The perfect finish for modern kitchen environments
  • Professional kitchen appearance
  • Matches other stainless kitchen appliances

Matt Black

Unique richness and haptic surface effects

  • Rich, soft surface with a velvety touch
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Individual touch of refined understatement
  • Non-reflective surface is both eye-catching and soothing

Versatile features for best performance at all times

Enjoy your living kitchen with our recommendations

  • Comfortable swivel spout as standard
  • Extractable shower heads for extra reach
  • Different spray types for optimal water performance
  • Manual, electronic, and remote dishwasher valves
  • 3S-Installation system for fast and safe installation

Your new kitchen faucet will be SMART

Unique hybrid interface

A HANSA Hybrid faucet is a masterful combination of unbeatable touchless comfort, hygiene, app-controlled connectivity, and thermostatic safety

Be flexible and opt for a hybrid faucet

Handling water is one of the most common tasks in your kitchen. Wouldn't it be great to be able to always operate the faucet in the way that is best for the task at hand?

Touchless function

Choose the handy touchless function when you need to wash your hands without touching any surface or if you have to handle something with both hands

Manual function

Utilize the common benefits of precisely adjusting water volume and temperature to the actual need

NEW HANSA Vantis Style hybrid in a nutshell

Double the convenience: use the lever for your daily kitchen routines and choose the handy touchless function when you want to access  water without touching any surfaces. 

  • Both manual and touchless function available ​
  • More convenient to use than a traditional faucet
  • Economical and sustainable: helps you save water and energy ​
  • Hygienic
  • Thermostatically controlled premixed water from touchless interface

Works together with HANSA360 App

  • Individual settings
  • Cleaning mode activation​
  • Monitoring consumption
NEW HANSA Vantis Style hybrid in a nutshell,

Manage your appliances safely

    Our versatile dishwasher valves offer additional comfort and safety in operating additional appliances. The remote version is a small disc-shaped unit and can be placed wherever it is needed.

    • Manual operation to open / close the water supply
    • Electronic version with visual feedback
    Manage your appliances safely, <ul></ul>

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