Design and comfort for guests

For a hotel guest, the bathroom is a private place to withdraw, relax and recuperate – where comfort, functionality and appealing design all work together. Hoteliers who understand the art of hospitality know well that the quality of a guest's experience and the home-from-home feeling are what makes for satisfaction – and a repeat visit. It goes without saying, however, that this can only be achieved at the expense of resources. Bathroom water and energy consumption are significant cost factors. Therefore when it comes to equipping a bathroom, durability, ease of cleaning and economic viability are at a premium. HANSA provides a multitude of product solutions that not only score points for design and convenience, but are also particularly cost-effective.

There's no contradiction: aesthetics and thrift

HANSA's high-quality product solutions combine resource-saving, user-friendly functionality with unique design concepts to make a harmonious, comfort-oriented overall picture. And this means not only flawless hygiene and the best drinking water quality, but also outstanding functionality, durability and economic viability – all important factors for frequently-used fittings.

It is no coincidence that hotel planners across the world have opted for HANSA fittings solutions in order to make sure that the hotel guests can enjoy optimal comfort as an expression of superior-grade hospitality.

Furnishing hotel bathrooms in tune with modern taste

HANSACLIFF offers a broad product range that gives architects and planners a wealth of options for fitting out hotel bathrooms.

For the washbasin, for instance, the modern interpretation of the classic two-lever faucet is one of many options. Its tall and graceful spout that can be swiveled through 120 degrees, allowing for maximum freedom of movement. The elegant star-shaped handles are easy to operate, while presenting a very characteristic appearance – suitable for both classic as well as more modern bathroom worlds.

With a 4-hole fitting, the HANSACLIFF series also makes for stylishly convenient operation at the bathtub. The separate star-shaped handles can be used to regulate the mixture of hot and cold water. To complete the picture perfectly, the HANSASTILO hand shower with rotatable bracket provides for flexibility and freedom of movement.