Reliable fittings, satisfied tenants

People and companies offering rented accommodation have an interest in making their properties as attractive as possible. The bathroom furnishings play a key part in this. This does not only apply to accommodation in the premium segment, but also for multi-occupant properties in the less expensive range.

So to avoid frequent fluctuation, vacancies and high maintenance costs, it makes sense to invest in reliable, hygienic and low-maintenance products with long service lives right from the start.

With HANSA, excellent investment dependability is ensured through excellent product quality, high availability and competent technical customer care. On top of that, our range of fittings solutions for washbasins, bathtubs and showers with their timeless design is broad enough to suit the most varied of domestic situations and cater for individual taste.

Complex planning, straightforward implementation

Furnishing bathrooms reliably, comprehensively and in an uncomplicated way – these basic requirements of today's housing industry are becoming increasingly important. HANSA's pre-configured solutions deliver exactly that. Thanks to the thought-through combination of high-quality product solutions for washbasins, showers and bathtubs, new constructions, refurbishments and renovations of whole bathrooms can be done economically and flexibly.

water complete: Fittings packages

Where new accommodation is built or existing buildings are refurbished, the focus is no longer just on the individual apartment or building. These days, decisions are rather taken in the context of whole districts. In consequence, there is a demand for overall solutions for contemporary bathrooms that allow for flexible planning and implementation.

To this end, HANSA has put together seven fittings packages that cover all scenarios in housing and property construction projects, individually and without excessive overheads. Thanks to the high-quality processing, simple installation, durability, economical consumption of water and ease of maintenance, such planning certainly makes economic sense in the long term. Equally, however, the products are appreciated by discriminating users who set store by design, comfort, sustainability and health.

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