Where barrier-free well-being counts

Nowhere do safety and hygiene play such an important role as in hospitals and care facilities. At the same time, the aim is to give staff and patients as comfortable a time as possible. HANSA's special fittings for the HEALTH & CARE sector are the key to providing for barrier-free well-being.

Special fittings for the HEALTH sector

Hospitals make special demands on sanitary fittings. They must provide for more than just hygiene – functionality and safety are also vital aspects. As a specific response to these requirements, HANSA has developed the HANSAMEDIPRO series of special fittings. With their ergonomic design according to the latest findings in gerontological technology, they make the work of the staff easier while providing patients with the best possible level of comfort. This is especially true of the touchless models.

HANSA at the Charité Hospital in Berlin

With the central emergency rooms of the Charité in the Rudolf-Nissen-Haus and the central Charité hospital for in-patients, the Berlin University Hospital counts as one of the most modern teaching hospitals in Europe.
In addition to the care centres, all wards are equipped with future-oriented technology. This is also true of the sanitary facilities. Here, the following special HANSA fittings solutions for the HEALTH sector have been installed: HANSAMEDIPRO, HANSATEMPRA, HANSACARE thermostats and HANSAMEDIJET hand showers.

Designed in cooperation with the GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik® (German Gerontological technology Society), the HANSAMEDIPRO wall fitting with loop lever provides for convenient, practical and especially hygienic operation. The avoidance of dirt-collecting edges and the fully sealed connections help to minimize the propagation of germs.

The intensive care wards of the new emergency department demand the highest standards of hygiene. The HANSATEMPRA wall fitting delivers this uncompromisingly – while also being very easy to use. Its long operating lever can be used hands-free, just using the forearm. So the fitting is just right for the daily routine of the clinic.

When washing, showering and bathing sick patients and those requiring care, the correct temperature is crucial. For instance, to avoid scalding, the HANSACARE exposed thermostats installed in the in-patient wards of the Charité feature a factory-set 38° C safety stop for optimum safety. In combination with the low-aerosol HANSAMEDIJET hand shower, patients are assured of a pleasant, safe and hygienic showering experience.