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The perfect combination of style and function. HANSASTELA bathroom faucets and shower faucets are designed to fit any bathroom design.

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Key features at a glance

  • Convenient – designed to fit multiple sink types and bathroom styles
  • Hygienic – minimal joints, smooth surface and touchless variants reduce formation of bacteria and make cleaning easy
  • Safe – made with eco-friendly materials which preserve water quality
  • Smart – Bluetooth functionality and multiple operation modes for touchless faucets
  • Sustainable – set flow rate of 6l/min
  • Innovative – Diamond water flow designed to create a soothing effect
  • Easy and quick installation of the versions with HANSA 3S-Installation system

Designed to match any bathroom sink

HANSASTELA design line includes a large range of faucets as elegant and refined as you are. The bathroom faucets are designed to fit the design and layout of any bathroom sink.  Whether you have a freestanding vessel sink, integrated sink or anything in between, HANSASTELA faucet ranges offers you a perfect match.

  • Top operated mixers in different styles
  • XL-version for free-standing vessel sinks
  • Side operated version with smart center position lock for the swivel spout
Designed to match any bathroom sink,

Beauty that flows from within – experience the diamond waterfall effect

The HANSASTELA range includes bathroom faucets that feature a unique diamond waterfall effect. The beautiful waterfall is real eye catcher that brings a touch of nature to your bathroom.

Beauty that flows from within – experience the diamond waterfall effect,

Add a touch of elegance to your shower and bath

By choosing HANSASTELA as your bathtub or shower faucet, you can bring beauty to every inch of your bathroom. Our concealed and exposed shower and bathtub solutions are perfect match for any type of bathroom space.

  • New lateral diverter: easily switch water flow between the spout and the shower
  • Three- and four-hole rim-mounted solutions for the bathtub
  • Bathtub and shower faucets designed to work with our concealed HANSABLUEBOX system or concealed HANSAMATRIX system
HANSASTELA thermostatic shower faucet with sleek with new diverter design

A perfect balance of design and technology – HANSASTELA touchless faucet

With HANSASTELA sensor faucet you can wave goodbye to excessive water and energy use – and enjoy a lifetime of savings. The patented PSD infrared sensor ensures that hand movement is always detected precisely. Thanks to the Bluetooth® connection, you can connect the faucet to Hansa Connect app to set and adjust the faucet’s settings.

  • Choose flexibly between three operating modes (with temperature lever, preset temperature or cold water faucet)
  • Adjust general faucet settings
  • Schedule automatic cleaning and flush mode (to remove stagnant water)
  • Easily monitor water consumption
HANSASTELA sensor faucet increases hand hygiene and can be controlled with an app.

The 3 in 1 touchless faucet for perfect hygiene

Moreover, the touchless faucet variant gives you three options for setting the faucet’s water temperature:

  • With temperature lever: choose and change the water temperature flexibly with temperature lever on the side
  • Without temperature lever: choose temperature and exchange temperature lever with plug* to avoid temperature change by mistake (e.g. by children)
  • Cold water: Install temperature plug and hot water pipe plug to create a cold water faucet.

* Included into the product package, no need for separate order

HANSASTELA touchless bathroom faucets are safe and hygienic to use.

Aerator that is easy to clean and adjust to sink shape

The HANSASTELA faucet range includes faucets with two types of aerators. The innovative aerator used to create the diamond waterfall is easy to remove and even easier to clean – so that you’ll never have to worry about a limescale build-up. Other HANSASTELA faucets feature an adjustable aerator which ensures that the water flows into the basin without any splashing.

HANSASTELA faucets feature innovate aerator that is easy to keep clean