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All-round elegance

The very reticence of the HANSARONDA series is what catches the eye, as well as a pleasantly gentle design language and a large range of variants. For the rounded base of the faucet can be fitted with various handles, surfaces and hand showers as desired. This makes HANSARONDA the perfect all-rounder for all home styles.

All-round elegance,

Aiming high at the washbasin

The top-operated XL variant of the HANSARONDA series aims high. In fact, over 300 millimetres. The especially expansive body is not just imposing in its appearance at the washbasin, but it also provides an impressive degree of user convenience and more space for one's hands underneath the fitting. The XL faucet variant is perfect for elegantly free-standing washbowls.

Aiming high at the washbasin,

Versatility for the kitchen

HANSARONDA is available both with a conventional lever placed at the top as well as in a version with the operating lever set to the side. The variants allow you to integrate the sink fitting into various room and furnishing concepts, so you can fulfil your individual preferences and implement your ideas all within one series. HANSARONDA kitchen faucets also come with a pull-out shower: The spray strength can be switched between soft and a powerful needle spray and the shower gives you much greater freedom of movement at the sink. Filling tall pots, vases or other vessels is no longer a problem.

Versatility for the kitchen,

The essentials at a glance

  • Large number of variants for individuality
  • Especially: the washbasin variant with hand spray.
  • Rounded base unit for a harmonious bathroom ambience with a softly sculptured appearance.
  • Optionally top-controlled or via an operating lever set to the side.
  • Kitchen faucets: Maximum comfort thanks to the tall spout that can be swiveled through 150°.
  • Kitchen faucets: Practical: extractable spout with adjustable hand shower for soft spray and needle spray.
  • The HANSAPROTEC system encompasses and secures those parts of the fitting that come into contact with drinking water.
  • Washbasin faucets: conserve water with only 6 l / min.
The essentials at a glance,