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HANSALOFT has the edge

Are you looking for something striking and distinctive for your washbasin? Then the HANSALOFT series is exactly right. Clear, cuboidal shapes, highly polished, flat surfaces and exquisite edges – how could a faucet manage to be even more expressive? It certainly managed to convince the juries for renowned design awards.

HANSALOFT has the edge,

A strong statement in terms of appearance and technology

Thanks to its ideal union of form and functionality, the touchless variant of the HANSALOFT series makes for stylish and representative flair in the bathroom. The electronic fitting is not merely a visual statement; it is full of intelligent technology that adds up to very convenient operation at the washbasin.

As the user's hands approach the fitting, water begins to flow automatically – only when needed and always at a pleasant temperature. No direct contact is needed to operate it. On the one hand, this means that no bacteria can be transmitted – for optimal hygiene – on the other hand, the beautifully gleaming chrome-plated surface of the faucet stays cleaner longer and needs less cleaning.

A strong statement in terms of appearance and technology,

Use the HANSA Connect app to control and customize HANSALOFT touchless faucets

HANSALOFT touchless faucet variants come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to configure them at the point of installation. You can also use the HANSA CONNECT APP to easily and conveniently monitor water consumption, battery life etc. And, by giving every user the option to choose their own settings – with the app interface also automatically displaying whichever product is connected to the system – we’ll help you to customize the faucet settings for your needs.

Use the HANSA Connect app to control and customize HANSALOFT touchless faucets,

The essentials at a glance

  • Design line with basic geometry and cuboidal or rounded emphasis.
  • Minimalistic geometric style for all bathrooms with an architectural slant.
  • Maximum convenience: plenty of room for the hands and touchless operation if desired.
  • More hygienic and clean thanks to touchless variants
  • Washbasin faucet Conserves water with only 6 l / min
The essentials at a glance,