The variety of HANSA washbasin faucets is fit for all individual bathroom styles and rituals. With beautiful design, intelligent and sustainable features, HANSA faucets bring a healthy dose of safety, comfort and functionality to everyday life.

Our long-lasting washbasin faucets are not just beautiful, but also good for the environment. Intelligent and sustainable technologies help to reduce water usage, save energy and resources. There's a HANSA washbasin solution for every need, considering different designs and usages. Safe and ergonomic features are making the bathroom experience comfortable and our faucets easy to use for the whole family. Fit for the 22 minutes we spend in the bathroom a day.


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The award-winning electronic faucet ALESSI Sense by HANSA combines design and aesthetics with usability and sustainable technology, enabling us to save water in an innovative way.

  • Expressive design with practical utility for sophisticated room concepts
  • Easy operation via touch-Control
  • State-of-the-art water-saving technology
A family of 4 turns on their water 200 times every day

HANSADESIGNO STYLE is designed to enable the individualization of the user’s personal bathroom, combining superior elegance and functionality. The wide variety of sizes, performance and comfort levels ensures that there’s a HANSADESIGNO STYLE for every taste and every room.

  • Trend-oriented designer faucets
  • Diverse, individual faucet solutions with different heights, spouts and control options
  • One of its kind: the high-quality rosé-gold variant with fascinating Mikado® stream
Reduce your water consumption up to 50% using a smart faucet

HANSAFIT provides a complete collection of faucets for every possible purpose, including both single lever and touchless washbasin faucets that are ergonomic, easy and safe to use. The touchless variants come with Bluetooth® capabilities, allowing you to control and customize them via HANSA Connect App.

  • More hygienic and clean thanks to touchless operation
  • Smart: Bluetooth connection
  • Makes saving water and energy easy

HANSAPINTO offers a wide range of durable and versatile faucets. The functional and timeless product family also helps to save resources. With its high-quality materials and a flow rate limited to six litres per minute, the eco-friendly faucet contributes to an economical water consumption. 

  • Universal design for every bathroom style with many options
  • An even greater degree of safety with the adjustable hot water stop
  • Maximum comfort thanks to raised spout

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