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From classic faucets and charismatic designer items to intelligent touchless faucets with sensors to shower systems that transform the bathroom to a wellness oasis at the touch of a button – HANSA is a specialist for high-quality, innovative fittings and shower solutions for the bathroom and the kitchen.

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New ways of looking at things, exciting cooperations, intelligent technology and one-of-its-kind design. Be inspired by our product highlights and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of water.

shaping water – that is exactly what we do with our highlight products. And that means always individually, always with a claim to highest quality and always impressively. For something special in bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

Touchless faucets for your home

Faucets with sensors have long since found their way from public buildings into residential homes where they are becoming more and more popular. No wonder: For one thing, these practical aids promote responsible use of valuable resources. At the same time, electronically controlled, touchless faucets make for a especially convenient use in washbasins. In a nutshell: They make your life easier!

With its sensor fittings for bathrooms and kitchens, HANSA provides high-quality and innovative products that combine intelligent technology with good looks and offer excellent value for money as well as being user-friendly.

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HANSA in industry

For hotels and the restaurant trade, for cultural and leisure facilities, for health and care, for residential or commercial properties – product solutions from HANSA offer a wide range of options for planning and individualization in many types of industry.

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Fittings for hospitals and care facilities

HANSA offers a wide range of product solutions for the HEALTH & CARE sector. They are specifically designed for use in care homes, rehabilitation clinics and hospitals. They fulfil the highest standards relating to safety and hygiene.

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Furnishing in tune with the times

People's customs, requirements and life circumstances are constantly changing. Contemporary living space should keep pace with this. HANSA gives decision makers in the housing industry reliable fittings solutions that are ready to take on the future.

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HANSA in the hotel trade

For bathrooms in hotels comfort and functionality are as important as good design and economical consumption. HANSA meets such requirements perfectly with its products for washbasins, showers and bathtubs.

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Good design lets the product speak for itself.

Whether it's to be an exclusive premium design, something charismatically striking or perhaps rather classically low-key: HANSA has the perfect fitting for every need – always individual and always of the highest quality. Product design ranges from static adaptation to minimalistic detailing to architectonic showpieces.

Award-winning design

HANSA sets standards in the sanitary industry with top-quality materials, intelligent technology and elegant products.

From the German Design Award, the ICONIC AWARDS to the Red Dot design award to the Design Plus and Good Design competitions to the iF design award and many more – an large number of awards and design prizes confirm that we really understand our craft.

We are committed to reliability and quality.

HANSA's mission – making people's lives that little bit better. We don't merely fulfil expectations, but genuinely impress with outstanding design and innovative functionality that combine to produce a special type of comfort in everyday life. The key: reliable quality.
Our highly qualified specialists at HANSA's four production sites in Europe guarantee precisely worked products made of high-quality materials that are subjected to ongoing inspection and certified testing. In addition to our personal customer care, comprehensive after-sales service and our 10-year availability guarantee for spare parts, customers and partners can be sure that we always adhere strictly to the most stringent international standards. For their satisfaction, health and safety are always our main priorities.

Benefits & functions

Paying attention to every detail

Excellent product quality is created when every detail is considered important, is well-thought-out and provides noticeable benefits. At HANSA, this is evident due to the many technical characteristics and special features that make every single fitting unique.

To make it easy for you to find the most important arguments, we have represented these in the form of pictograms for each range of fittings. At least one product in this range has the respective characteristics.

The benefits and functions are assigned to the areas of ecology, health, safety, comfort and technology.


Flow limitation, saving and comfort zones, and other, in some cases, individually adjustable options for optimising water and energy consumption.

Restricting of the flow rate to 2 /  4  /  5  /  6  /  8  /  9  / 12 l/min (indicated according to product) and intelligent stream formation ensure optimized water consumption without any less comfort.

Consumes up to 50% / 60% / 75% less water and energy (compared to a conventional two-handle mixer) thanks to individually adjustable water saving functions.


High demands are placed on water quality. We meet them by using special materials and ensure optimum hygiene.

Touchless operation for maximum comfort and maximum hygiene.

The thermostat can withstand thermal disinfection. This is particularly important for public or large-scale facilities.

WATER SAFE. Hitec functional core. Preserves water quality.

Brass in contact with drinking water contains less than 0.3% lead.

Surface finishes in contact with drinking water are without nickel coating.


Water should be a source of pleasure. Our fittings offer reliable product characteristics for long-term, safe operation.

Protection against scalding in our thermostats makes for maximum safety.

Thermo Cool – improved safety because the housing of the fitting hardly heats up.

Vacuum breaker: combination of pipe aerator and backflow preventer 
in accordance with DIN EN 1717.

Valve for shutting off the water inlet for dishwasher or washing machine at the fitting.


Features that make operating the fitting and using water easier and something to enjoy.

Hybrid function: Combined touch-free and manual operation options.

Touchless operation for maximum comfort with maximum hygiene.

Especially quiet. Fitting complies with the strict conditions of noise protection class 1.

Lightweight for particularly smooth and simple handling.

TWIST GUARD: Hose cone with integrated twist guard.

Quick and easy to clean.

Integrated lighting elements ensure safer operation and make 'living water’ even more fascinating.

Spouts that can be shortened or are available in different lengths for more freedom in planning and design.

Extremely robust, high-quality stainless steel for a truly distinctive finish.

Precise operability thanks to limited spout swivel radius.

Flexible usability thanks to free swivel radius of the spout.

PULSE SPRAY – concentrated, pulsing stream for focused treatment of specific parts of the body.

Active – powerful, precision water streams.

SENSITIVE SPRAY – soft, relaxing stream that indulges the entire body.

INTENSE SPRAY – a stream for every day, ideal for washing long hair.

Cascade – one single, formed splash stream (according to set water flow rate).

Rain – voluminous, generous water stream.

More flexibility thanks to adjustable or detachable spout.

Surface finishes are available in various colours and materials.

More range and functional benefits thanks to a single or multi-spray pull-out shower.

Various heights and projections for individual preferred comfort.


Product characteristics that may make all the difference when it comes to finding the most suitable individual planning solution.

The right product for the modular and design-driven concealed installation system HANSAMATRIX.

Low-pressure fitting – for systems designed accordingly.

Suitable for instantaneous water heaters (shower from 20 kW and upwards or bathtub/shower from 24 kW and upwards) with correspondingly limited functionality.

Battery operation – fittings with battery-powered functions.

Mains operation – fittings for connecting to the mains power with exposed or concealed power supply units.

Ventilation in the pipe system – components or apparatus designed for draining spouts hygienically, for instance.

Pipe aerator – for securing the fitting as required.

Fittings functions can be set up, controlled and monitored via the HANSA Connect App.*

* The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and their usage is licensed by Hansa Armaturen GmbH. Other marks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.