waterstyle for more variety

Young, fresh, stylish: HANSADESIGNO

waterstyle for more variety

Stuttgart – What makes a house a home? The answers vary as widely as our tastes. Everyone senses, experiences and discovers their home differently. This demand for individuality, combined with a young, fresh style, are what make HANSADESIGNO unique. Be it side or top operated, subtle or prominent, touch-free or manually operated, for bathroom or kitchen – HANSADESIGNO redefines variety. But it always feels like home.

With its rose gold colour, the model represents extravagance and individuality. The trend colour makes bathrooms especially expressive.

Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH

The HANSADESIGNO range has the perfect fittings for any home. Countless exclusive design types and different functions create an extraordinarily rich variety.

All HANSADESIGNO basin models have one thing in common – stylish design down to the tiniest detail. A slim, rounded cross-section often ends in a softly-rounded base. This shape appears almost youthful, yet timeless at the same time; geometrically clear yet gentle. It is a continuation of the softer lines of modern living environments.

Playing with water: the Mikado® jet

The models with the innovative Mikado® jet are incredibly detailed. With their extraordinary jet shape, the rose gold version and the tiny touch-free option make water truly eye-catching. Divided into multiple jets that flow into one another, the water looks delicate and harmonious as it flows into the basin in a net form. As if that were not enough, the Mikado® jet options also save water, using just two litres per minute.

Fresh and extravagant: the rose gold model

With its eccentric colour, the HANSADESIGNO in rose gold represents extravagance and individuality. It reinforces the effect of stylish design basins. The modern trend colour makes bathrooms especially expressive, emphasised by the elegant, softly-rounded fittings and the innovative Mikado® jet. Because the operating lever is on the side of the fitting, so there is no need to touch the top, the rose gold surface remains drop-free for longer, making it a shining, eye-catching feature in any stylish bathroom.

Convenience is in: the touch-free options

From better hygiene and enhanced convenience to less frequent cleaning and a more economical use of resources – touch-free fittings are ideal for modern bathrooms. Their benefits are manifold. With the touch-free options in the HANSADESIGNO range, the water only runs when it is needed, thanks to smart and extremely accurate sensor technology inside the fitting. Choice comes in the form of the three different radii – 100mm, 138mm or 164mm – and the option of battery or mains operation. The smallest fitting is also equipped with the Mikado jet shaper, bringing a little extra elegance to the guest bathroom or guest toilet.

Practical: All the touch-free fittings in the HANSADESIGNO range can be controlled via the HANSA app – for example to activate the cleaning mode, query the battery status or create an automatic washing schedule.

Classic, around the corner or hidden: top operation, side operation and flush-mounted

The top-operated model from HANSADESIGNO is elegant, classic and stylish, yet still fresh and light. A more compact – with functional hand shower if required – slimmer or larger solution is possible, depending on the size of the basin. Those who want a more striking, futuristic look should choose the three-hole basin mixer with two separate operating elements, installed to the left and right of the fitting.

The side-operated models, available in 130mm and 150mm radii with optional functional shower, allow plenty of space in the basin thanks to the high spout that characterises the model, swivel in some models. They also require much less cleaning, as the side operation protects the top against drips from the hands.

Purist, subtle and reduced to the essentials – with the flush-mounted solutions in the HANSADESIGNO range, the water seems to come straight out of the wall. With touch-free or manual operation, the fitting technology is hidden behind the wall, so that all the spotlight is on the fitting itself. That saves space, provides more freedom under the fitting, and is ideal for retracted wall elements or partitions.

One bathroom, one style: HANSADESIGNO for bathtub, shower and bidet

The HANSADESIGNO range enables the creation of consistent, coordinated designs for bathroom environments. Not only is there a side-operated or top-operated version for the bidet – there is also a wide selection of beautifully-formed, user-friendly and perfectly crafted surface-mounted lever mixers and flush-mounted solutions for showers and bathtubs. The ready-to-install sets in various versions are extremely practical for all-in-one installation. For free-standing baths, stable beauty will attract plenty of attention.

Bringing taste to the kitchen: the HANSADESIGNO basin model

The design principle of the HANSADESIGNO range can also be picked up in the kitchen. The home is considered a single entity; living spaces are broken up and merge harmoniously into one another; comfort spreads. As well as looking impressive, contemporary basin fittings ultimately need to be practical – little helpers in everyday life. HANSADESIGNO meets this description perfectly. Its extra-high swivel spout and optional extendible hose with two jet types make it a flexible and reliable helper in the kitchen that looks great too. An additional benefit is the electronic cut-off valve that automatically regulates the water flow, for enhanced safety.