The bathroom as an oasis of well-being

We use our bathrooms every day, and these days a bathroom has to fulfil much more than just helping us to keep clean. The bathroom as an oasis of well-being also enables us to regain our strength and relax, which is why we like being there especially. HANSA plays an important role here as supplier of elegant, high-quality and contemporary fittings for individual bathroom design.

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Hansa bathroom fittings

Our bathroom is more than just a functional place for getting clean. Well-being, time for ourselves and appreciation for the elixir of life – water – turn the bathroom into an important space in our private lives. Each of us has her or his own way of using it: Sometimes a long, relaxing wellness cure, sometimes quickly brushing one's teeth – sometimes singing in the shower, sometimes a meticulous shave. There is only one way in for the water that is common to all these activities – the fitting – and that puts it at the centre of attention in our daily rituals. HANSA presents individuality and variety with its high-quality faucets for the bathroom.

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Our system solutions

HansaMatrix: Maximum deployment flexibility behind the wall

HANSAMATRIX is an innovative product system which allows you to implement high-quality, architecture-driven planning entirely as a concealed solution. And what do you see in front of the wall? Fittings that make for a visually uncluttered bathroom with their directness, exactitude and clarity.

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3S system: reduce installation time, increase cost effectiveness

The order book is full and the next deadline is coming closer. How can you reduce the installation time without compromising on quality? HANSA's 3S installation system is the answer. Find out here which washbasin fittings can be installed more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

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HansaBluebox: HANSA's 'blue miracle’

Technology that's out of sight, but highly effective: The HANSABLUEBOX has set a benchmark in the trade. The universal concealed system simplifies the entire installation process and produces satisfied customers. This convenient and comprehensive ‘blue miracle’ solution has won over not only trade specialists, but also architects and planners.

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Rim-mounted and wall-mounted fittings

Why not simply put the bathtub in the middle of the room? No problem with rim-mounted and wall-mounted solutions. They are aesthetic, practical and available in a range of models.

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