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CLEVER HAS NEVER BEEN SO DIVERSE.They feature different operator control concepts, are very varied in their styling, and can be used for both private and public facilities. But HANSASENSeTION fittings all have one thing in common: they offer intelligent functionality which greatly enhances levels of comfort and convenience for the user. That is particularly true of the non-contact sensory HANSASENSeTION models. These clever electronic fittings are easy to use and environmentally friendly, so making a daily contribution to a more ecologically aware lifestyle. As they respond to movement, and so do not have to be "operated”, they are user-friendly, safe and hygienic. And as the water is only ever supplied in the actual required quantity and temperature, no resources are wasted. You save water and energy every time you use it. The hybrid model for kitchens offers this intuitive functionality as an additional option to the "normal” lever-type operation.

The now expanded HANSASENSeTION range with the ranges HANSAFIT, HANSACONCERTO, HANSALANO and HANSAFORSENSES also incorporates lots of new design and function variants for bathrooms, kitchens and public facilities. Such variety, such choice: that is quite unique. And of course, all HANSASENSeTION fittings are just as reliable and durable as you would expected from HANSA products. We guarantee sophisticated technology, use of high-grade - in some cases completely new-style - materials, and a sustainable overall concept.

HANSASENSeTION Brochure (PDF-Download) 

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