Ecology: Flow limitation, saving and comfort zones, and other, in some cases, individually adjustable options for optimising water and energy consumption.
Restriction of the flow rate to 6 l/min (indicated by product) and intelligent stream formation ensure optimised water consumption with full comfort.
Consumes up to 75% less water and energy*. Applies particularly for non-contact fittings: water only flows when you need it.
Consumes up to 60% less water and energy*. Designed for example for thermostats with quick temperature-adjustment times.
Consumes up to 50% less water and energy* due to individually adjustable water saving functions.
Comfort: features that make operation of the fitting and use of water easier and particularly pleasant.
Non-contact operation. Maximum comfort,
maximum hygiene.
Particularly silent. Fitting complies with the strict
conditions under noise protection class 1.
Lightweight for particularly smooth and
simple operation.
Quick and easy to clean.
Twist Guard: hose cone with integrated twist guard.
Integrated light element ensures safer operation
and makes the "water experience" even more fascinating.
Spouts can be shortened or are available in different lengths
to give you more planning and design freedom.
Extremely robust, high-quality stainless steel
for a truly distinctive finish.
LAMINAR Classic – needle spray, even, fine streams of water.
LAMINAR Active – needle spray, powerful, precision streams of water.
powerful, precision streams of water.
soft, full streams of water.
LAMINAR Cascade – splash stream, one single formed stream (according to set water volume).
high volume, generous stream of water.
More flexibility thanks to changeable or
detachable spout.
Precise operability thanks to limited swivel radius
of the spout.
Flexible usability thanks to free swivel radius of the spout.
More range and functional plus thanks to a single- or
multi-spray pull-out shower.
Surface finishes are available in various colours and materials.
Health: water quality must meet the high demands. We guarantee this through the use of special materials and ensure optimum hygiene.
Non-contact operation. Maximum comfort,
maximum hygiene.
Thermostat is suitable for thermal disinfection.
This is particularly important for public or large-scale facilities.
WATER SAFE. Hitec functional core.
Preserves water quality.
Safety: the use of water must be pleasurable. Our fittings offer reliable product characteristics for long-term safe operation.
Our thermostats offer maximum safety with protection against
THERMO COOL . Improved safety - the housing of the fittings
conducts minimal heat.
Valve for shutting off the water inlet for rinsing or
washing machine at the fitting.
Technology: product characteristics that may be crucial for suitability in the individual planning situation.
The right product for the modular and design-driven concealed installation system HANSAMATRIX.
Low-pressure fitting –
for accordingly designed systems
* in comparison to a conventional two-handle mixer