There is more to food than just the taste. And there is more to cooking than a recipe. If this is what you believe, HANSALIGNA offers a kitchen fitting designed to your taste and requirements. Thanks to its technical perfection, HANSALIGNA proves to be all-round value: ample space for pots and pans due to the high, 150° swivel spout, a high level of user friendliness and eco-friendly water consumption of just 9 l/min. Furthermore, the fitting is equipped with the HANSAPROTEC system to ensure your health and safety. The rational arguments are sufficiently convincing! HANSALIGNA captivates not only your mind but also your senses: with elegant shapes, clear designs, first-class materials. Beautiful appearance combined with perfect functionality - resulting in exceptional enjoyment.


Restriction of the flow rate to 9 l/min (indicated by product) and intelligent stream formation ensure optimised water consumption with full comfort.
Extremely quiet. Fitting complies with the strict conditions under noise protection class 1.
Precise operability thanks to limited swivel radius of the spout.
Surfaces in contact with drinking water do not have a nickel coating.
Brass in contact with drinking water contains less than 0.3% lead.


single-lever kitchen mixer, DN 15
connection with flexible pressure hoses

5528 2203 chrome