Basic elements and high-tech, natural freedom and designed space: HANSAMURANO X combines contrasts effortlessly and without compromise. Just as architecture brings form to open water, water also brings life to the defined structures of architecture. the intelligent interplay between different elements influences both the design philosophy and the usage concept. in this case, the apparently suspended surface of metal and glass acts as a central element and functions both as the operating level and water outlet. the fascination of the communication with the fitting is matched by the manner in which the water is presented: as a wide, transparent stream, soft and gentle as if from a fresh spring; clear and precise as if shaped by the designer. controlled by a concealed electronic unit, HANSAMURANO X offers intelligent comfort, pure experience, and the luxury of sheer simplicity of form.



electronically operated mixer for basin, DN 15
mains supply
flexible hoses
push-pop-up waste
incl. power supply and connection cable

5605 2200