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ATTRACTIVE ENTRY-LEVEL THERMOSTAT FOR MODERN BATHROOMS The slim thermostat with the smooth, straight style accents is just 40 millimetres in diameter and blends into any bathroom harmoniously. With its modern, universal design, HANSAUNITA matches different furnishing styles and opens up numerous possibilities for combinations.

Carefree bathing thanks to temperature lock and THERMO COOL

HANSAUNITA offers reliable protection against scalding: Preset to 38 °C and equipped with a temperature lock, the thermostat prevents unintentional hot gushes of water. This is especially important in bathrooms that are also used by children and elderly people. Another quality feature: The thermostat remains cool on the outside so that nothing can happen by touching it. The reason: The temperature controller in the HANSAUNITA is located on the left side. Because of this, the hot water path inside the thermostat is so short that the housing does not heat up.

Thrifty consumption thanks to Eco Button

The new thermostat features impressive short adjustment times, which also contributes to saving energy. Water consumption when bathing or showering can also be lowered with a lock button to control the amount of water. The restriction can be undone at the touch of a button so that 100 % of the flow rate is available again.

Easy to operate

Convenient for showering: The change button for switching between bathtub spout and the hand shower is easy to operate and can be fastened in the shower position regardless of the flow of water.

Also in combination with the HANSAVIVA shower system

The expanded HANSAUNITA range, available from specialist retailers as of April 2015, includes a combined bathtub/shower thermostat and a thermostat for shower alone as well as both models in combination with HANSAVIVA hand shower and wall bar. The shower thermostat is also available as an attractive complete set with connected HANSAVIVA shower system including hand shower and overhead shower. The HANSAUNITA series provides aesthetically sophisticated yet affordable solutions for modern bathrooms.

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