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SAFETY AND HYGIENE BELOW THE WASHBASINThe VDI 6000 guidelines recommend installing thermostats on washbasins in healthcare and childcare facilities. Scalding protection is deemed to be essential. The statutory accident insurance guidelines for childcare facilities (GUV-SR 2002) specify: The water temperature in fittings to which children have access must not exceed 40 °C. The HANSA<strong>PROTEC</strong> system makes a decisive contribution to safeguarding the existing drinking water quality: All the brass parts which come into contact with drinking water have a lead content of less than 0.3% and do not have a nickel coating.

• Safe: As a complete thermostat, HANSA<strong>MINIMAT</strong> controls and limits the temperature to the set value (factory default 39 °C, customisation is also possible).

• Flexible: Any washbasin fittings can be used. Existing installations can be retrofitted quickly and easily.

• Cost-effective: Optimal for pillar taps supplying hot water. Also ideal for retrofitting.


Hot water is the perfect breeding ground for legionella. One countermeasure is thermal disinfection according to DVGW W 551: Minimum 3 minutes at a water temperature of at least 70 °C at the open spout.

• Simple: Insert the key provided, pull the piece forward and turn it as far as it will go to unlock it.

• Time-saving: The selected mix water temperature is retained after the flushing without the need for any readjustment.

• Safe: Incorrect operation and manipulation are actively prevented. The red makes it immediately evident that thermal disinfection is in progress.

HANSAMINIMAT Brochure (PDF-Download) 

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